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10 Horror Stars Who Should Have Won Best Actress at the Oscars

Katharine Isabelle – Ginger Snaps

This may be the quirky pick of the list, but I stand by it with both feet planted firmly on the ground. While the movie, which I absolutely adore, isn’t on the level of something like The Witch or The Ring, that doesn’t mean that Katharine Isabelle doesn’t put every bit of energy possible into her performance, making Ginger a fascinating and delightful character to watch. She’s an outcast-turned-monster in more ways than one, and seeing Isabelle bring this transformation to life on the screen is delightfully engrossing.

Geena Davis – The Fly

It takes one helluva performance to convince me that there is something redeemable and still worth loving in Seth Brundle after all the shit he puts everyone through. However, Geena Davis’ heartbroken sobs at the end of The Fly bring to an end a character that is hardened, determined, caring, wonderful, and, ultimately, able to make the most difficult of decisions. Her love for Seth wasn’t fake, nor was his for her. And while he nearly turned her into a strange amalgamation of combined familial flesh, she still couldn’t bear the thought of him suffering in his monstrous, painful form. In a career of incredible performances, Davis should be especially proud of this one.

Naomie Harris – 28 Days Later

How exactly does one survive in a zombie apocalypse? Naomie Harris’ Selena does her best by trying to remain as distant, cold, and calculating as possible. However, that doesn’t mean she isn’t human; and even she struggles to maintain this facade, especially when she becomes friends with Jim, Hannah, and Frank. As these walls come down and we see her true character, Harris reveals Selena to be warm, loyal, loving, and even somewhat motherly. In a beautiful, brutal film, Selena is a beautiful, brutal warrior.

The Oscars - 10 Horror Stars Who Should Have Won Best Actress at the Oscars

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