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June 5, 2023

Get your remotes ready. Here’s what’s coming to Netflix in June!

Smile Prime
April 13, 2023

The premise may not be wholly original but Parker Finn’s horror-thriller brings the terror.

June 5, 2021

Viewer Beware, You're In For Some Scares!

Queen of Spades Banner 336x189 - We're Launching a New #MonthOfDread Featuring Supernatural Specters!
June 1, 2021

In honor of QUEEN OF SPADES arriving in June, our latest #MonthOfDread features nothing but terrifying supernatural entities!

Scary Horror Movies YouTube Dread Central HD 336x176 - 5 Killer Horror Movies Now Streaming Free on YouTube
May 13, 2021

Here's a list of five scary horror movies now streaming on YouTube for free. Including BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA,

The Ring Banner 336x189 - THE RING's Samara Makes Sneaky Cameos in Series of Commercials for Paramount+
February 5, 2021

THE RING's Samara Makes Sneaky Cameos in Series of Commercials for Paramount+!

bloody medical horror
November 16, 2020

I feel fortunate to have grown up in the eighties, the most iconic era in horror. Slashers and great practical

The Ring Banner 336x189 - This Day in Horror History: THE RING Was Released in 2002
October 18, 2020

J-Horror hit the US like a tsunami in the 2000s with a slew of remakes based on Japanese franchises. The

Sadako san to Sadako chan 2 1 336x176 - Sadako From THE RING Movies Becomes A YouTube Celebrity In Bizarre New Manga Series
June 21, 2019

Since the release of the first Ring movie in 1995, Sadako, the female ghost from the franchise, has become something

Insidious Banner 336x176 - 13 of the Most Terrifying Jump Scares in Horror Movie History
March 14, 2019

Love them or hate them, jump scares are an integral part of horror movies. Those of us well-versed in the

October 26, 2017

October. It’s that magical time of the year when the rest of the world realizes how cool the horror genre