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Freddy 336x176 - Video Pinpoints Exact Moments Certain Horror Icons Stopped Being Scary
October 22, 2018

Michael Myers is back in all of his original glory in Blumhouse’s Halloween, now slashing through theaters nationwide, but it

ADI Image.001 336x176 - Practical Effects Fans, Rejoice Over Studio ADI’s Epic YouTube Channel!
September 25, 2018

Studio ADI is the practical special effects super-studio run by Stan Winston alums, Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Junior, both

Natasha Kermani Featured Image.001 336x176 - Horror Business: Natasha Kermani on IMITATION GIRL and How Relationships Can Make or Break Your First Film
June 6, 2018

In her first feature, Imitation Girl, director, Natasha Kermani tells a sci-fi story that refreshingly avoids genre cliches and instead

deltorocameronbanner1200x627 336x176 - James Cameron and Guillermo Del Toro On Why We Need Monsters
May 15, 2018

Two of the most fascinating genre filmmakers working today, James Cameron (Aliens, Terminator, The Abyss) and Guillermo Del Toro (Pan’s

aliensbanner 336x176 - ALIEN Day Gets Emotional With This In Memoriam Video
April 26, 2018

As we all know, April 26 is Alien Day. A reference to LV-426, the planet from both Alien and Aliens,

revengebanner1200x627 336x176 - Los Angeles Readers! Win a Pair of Tickets For a Revenge/Descent/Mad Max/Aliens Marathon!
April 19, 2018

Hey Los Angeles readers! We’ve got one helluva giveaway for those of you who are into movie marathons! Starting Saturday,

AFTER THE LETHARGY FANTASPOA 1 336x176 - The '80s-Evoking Monster Movie After the Lethargy Heads to Fantaspoa
April 17, 2018

Back in 2016, Dread brought you a more than promising proof of concept teaser for Marc Carreté‘s (Asmodexia) upcoming extraterrestrial shocker, After the

DC Horror Oscars 336x176 - DC Horror Oscars Part II: Horror Movies That Were Nominated And/Or Won Academy Awards
March 4, 2018

Welcome to our second part of DC Horror Oscar coverage this year. Yesterday we took on “The Horror Films That Deserved

curseofthemayansbanner 336x176 - Exclusive: First Contact Is Made in Curse of the Mayans
February 27, 2018

Shot on the site of actual Mayan settlements, Curse of the Mayans is an upcoming sci-fi thriller from VMI Worldwide

Batman vs Aliens 336x189 - Superheroes You Never Realized Battled Xenomorphs
January 22, 2018

Though horror movie fans haven’t gotten an outstanding franchise crossover battle since 2003’s Freddy vs. Jason, superhero movies have been

aliensbanner 336x176 - Strap In and Ride This Epic Aliens Roller Coaster From the Comfort of Your Own Couch
January 9, 2018

Quite possibly one of the greatest sequels of all time, James Cameron’s Aliens is a thrilling action-infused sci-fi/horror masterpiece. Featuring

December 8, 2017

Last month director Ridley Scott told the world that the next film in the Alien saga was going to get