The ’80s-Evoking Monster Movie After the Lethargy Heads to Fantaspoa

Back in 2016, Dread brought you a more than promising proof of concept teaser for Marc Carreté‘s (Asmodexia) upcoming extraterrestrial shocker, After the Lethargy, which was showcased as part of the Sitges Film Festival “Coming Soon” section. Since then, a cracking trailer (see below) started doing the rounds a few months back that raised the hype levels fifty-fold and today we can reveal that the film will see its world premiere this May 26 at FANTASPOA; one of South America’s most renowned festivals, and where Carreté picked up the “Best Ibero-American Film” award in 2014 with Asmodexia.

After the Lethargy, the second feature produced under Carreté’s homegrown banner, CREATURES OF THE DARK, is an out and out creature feature, promising a mesmerising mix of terror and adventure, all the while evoking memories of cult ’80s creations such as Creepshow or the “Tales from the Crypt” series – both major influences on Carreté. With most of the action taking place in the thick of the woods, After the Lethargy finds the local police force confirming the presence of a “code 86” in the National Park. Despite initial skepticism, everything suggests that some kind of beast – of origin unknown – may have woken up from its “lethargy.”

On discovering that the film had made the FANTASPOA line-up, Carreté commented, “It’s an absolute honour. I couldn’t be happier for the world premiere to take place at one of the coolest and amazingly well-organised festivals – a festival that welcomed me with open arms when my debut film, ASMODEXIA screened there. And this time round, it’s going to be that much more special as I’ll be there as Producer to support FRAMED, the directorial debut of my good friend and colleague, Marc Martínez Jordán, as that film has also been selected as part of the festival’s official line-up. I really couldn’t ask for more!”

After the Lethargy stars Andrea Guasch (Submergence – Wim Wenders, 2017), as a young journalist with a strong interest in UFOs, Joe Manjón (most recently seen starring alongside Robert Englund in Alexandre Aja’s VR experience “Campfire Creepers: The Skull of Sam”) as the park ranger who accompanies her on this adventure and Ramon Canals (Asmodexia) as a shady character who lives alone, isolated from the world deep in the forest.

To celebrate the news of the world premiere, Carreté also sent over the first exclusive poster for the movie which we’ll leave you with below along with the trailer, in case you missed it when it first hit the net…


Sara (Andrea Guasch) travels to the hot spot where one of the most extraordinary contacts with extraterrestrials in history supposedly took place. A forest ranger (Joe Manjón) and a sinister villager (Ramon Canals), accompany the girl, helping her to overcome the dangers that nature entails. However, despite good intentions, they will soon be attacked by a creature that lives in the depths of the forest, being forced to take refuge in an old abandoned military barracks.



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