Silent Hills Is Alive on Kickstarter. Kind of.


After Konami lost its mind and fired Hideo Kojima, causing Silent Hills, which he was collaborating on with Guillermo del Toro, to be cancelled, it seemed to fans that the franchise was truly dead. You cannot count the insufferable arcade game as part of the series, can you?

As time went by, Konami went more and more crazy, as evidenced by the recent announcement that the company plans to halt all production of AAA games save for Pro Evolution Soccer, thereby indicating that its executives have had frontal lobotomies.

It’s a good thing for us that the fans have refused to just lay dormant and let the injustices continue.

We reported in May that fans were planning to make Allison Road, which would basically be their own version of Silent Hills. Now it’s gone live on Kickstarter and in less that 24 hours has already reached over a quarter of its £250,000 goal.

And while it won’t resemble Silent Hills exactly, as it will be made for a fraction of the budget and because we’ll never know what Kojima and del Toro had planned, let’s just take a moment to be thankful that we will, at least in some form, be getting the game that we wanted so badly.

Unless of course, Konami intervenes and tries to shut down Allison Road or, even worse, tries to profit from it. I wouldn’t put it past them, seeing how loose their grip on reality seems to have become lately. As video game critic Jim Sterling brilliantly put it, FucKonami.

Allison Roads 1 - Silent Hills Is Alive on Kickstarter. Kind of.



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