Trailer for New Silent Hill Arcade Game Is Weird


If you’re still depressed about the cancellation of the Hideo Kojima/Guillermo del Toro collaboration Silent Hills, then here’s just the thing to cheer you up. Or not.

A trailer has been unveiled for a new Silent Hill Pachinko game. Pachinko is a cross between an arcade and a gambling machine which is popular in Japan.

Despite lasting a whole 7 minutes, the trailer/promotional video, or whatever it is, is actually light on story gameplay footage, instead showcasing a series of odd mini games, which hopefully won’t make up the bulk of the gameplay.

Remember when Silent Hill was scary? Slow and menacing? Well, maybe if the developers were high, we’d have gotten this. And it looks dated. It certainly doesn’t resemble a 2015 release.

Okay, it’s not the Silent Hill game that you wanted, but it’s the one that you’re gonna get. If you live in Japan, that is. No word yet on an international release or even a home console release.

Publisher Konami has come under heavy fire recently for reports of how they mistreat their employees, and this blatant attempt to make a quick buck by attaching one of their most popular IPs to something that clearly will be shunned by hardcore fans will not do them any favors.


silent-hill-pachinko (1)



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