Which ‘Over the Garden Wall’ Character Are You? 

over the garden wall

Over the Garden Wall remains a perennial autumnal treat. Equal parts scary and charming, this animated odyssey deserves to rank among the best of the best as standout gateway horror offerings. Inimitable in style and gorgeously Halloween-flavored, it’s the miniseries equivalent of the house that hands out full-sized candy bars while trick-or-treating. It drips with personality and has pumpkin guts of gusto that most Halloween properties aimed at young audiences would envy.

With Fall on the horizon, we’ve assembled a quiz to answer the most important question imaginable: which Over the Garden Wall character are you? Read through the following questions, tally up your score, and tell me on Twitter @ChadisCollins who you got! 

1. You’re wandering through the woods when a sentient bird starts talking to you. What do you do? 

1- Befriend it. The bird seems nice.  

2- I am a sentient bird so this is fine. Hey, fam! 

3- Put it in a tea kettle and keep it as a BFFL (best friend for life). 

4- Steal its soul to fuel your Dark Lantern

5- Smash it. Birds shouldn’t talk.

6. Croak and sing. 

2. A school for animals is at risk of shutting down because of funding. How do you help? 

1- Organize a benefit concert. 

2- Lament that the other animals have legs and you don’t. 

3- Fight a gorilla. It will help, trust me. 

4- More souls! Use them to fuel your Dark Lantern for days. 

5- Gruffly accost them for mismanagement but try to help anyway. 

6- Ribbit. 

These are going to get harder. You’re keeping track of your points, right? 

3. You find $100 on the sidewalk that doesn’t belong to you. What do you do? 

1- Turn it into the local police station. It doesn’t belong to you. 

2- Use it to purchase a child servant and save your family from existential ruin. 

3- Keep it. That’s so much candy! 

4- Keep it. The odds of tracking down who it belongs to are slim to none. 

5- Keep it. No one will see you’ve taken it. Maybe you’ll donate it to some singing animals. 

6- Keep it. Buy a piano. 

4. You need to find a Halloween costume. At the local Halloween store, you’re overwhelmed by options. What do you pick? 

1- Several random artifacts. A cap and a cape, maybe, but hope no one asks you to explain what it is. 

2- Mothman. 

3- A circus ringmaster. 

4 – The Devil. 

5 – A lumberjack. 

6- Frogger. It’s neat they have a Frogger costume. 

5. Pick a pair of Zodiac signs below. 

1 – Taurus and Aries 

2- Scorpio and Leo 

3 – Sagittarius and Libra 

4 – Capricorn and Virgo 

5 – Aquarius and Gemini 

6 – Pisces and Cancer 

6. What’s your favorite Halloween candy? 

1 – Hershey bar. 

2 – Whoppers Robin Eggs

3 – Hard candies. Maybe those tasty strawberry ones with the gooey center? 

4 – Black licorice. 

5 – A Snickers bar. 

6 – A Kit-Kat bar for sharing. 

7. Pick a favorite holiday. 

1 – Christmas 

2 – Thanksgiving 

3 – Halloween 

4 – Halloween, but more intensely

5 – Anything but Halloween. Kids knocking on your door? It’ll upset your dog. 

6 – Memorial Day. You love the beach. 

Harder now! Make sure you’re tallying your points. 

8. You are given the chance to trade a stranger’s soul for the souls of your family. Do you forgo harming a stranger or choose to sacrifice their eternal life for the people you love? 

1 – No, but it’ll be a difficult decision. 

2 – Yes. It hurts, but you have to choose family over a stranger. 

3 – No, and you’re not even sure you understand the question. 

4 – Can’t you just trade the stranger’s soul for funsies and get nothing in return? Be an agent of chaos. 

5 – Yes. Family matters. 

6 – You’re not convinced your family has souls to begin with. 

9. You can get any pet you want. What do you choose? 

1 – No pets. Pets are messy and loud. 

2 – A pet bird. Maybe a Cockatiel. 

3 – Something small. Maybe a hamster? 

4 – The souls of the damned to fuel your eternal existence. 

5 – A dog. 

6 – A human. Weird, but it’s what you want. 

10. You’ve got a new friend coming over. They’re horror-averse but have asked you to pick a movie to show them. What do you choose? 

1 – Ever After. It’s not horror, but you don’t care.  

2 – The Birds

3 – Hocus Pocus

4 – The Exorcist

5 – Silver Bullet

6 – Frogs

7 – Over the Garden Wall

Now is the time to tally up your points. If you didn’t keep track, you need to scroll back up and try again! Read on below. 


Wirt: 10 – 14

Gregory’s older half-brother. You’re sweet and sensitive but impatient and insecure. You feel deeply, but those feelings are complicated. 

Beatrice: 15 – 24 

A talking bluebird (voiced by the iconic Melanie Lynskey). You regularly get yourself into messes. In those moments, you only want to save the ones you love, even if it comes at the expense of others. You’re intrinsically kind, but the world threatens to chip away at that. You don’t let it, however; when the going gets tough, you always make the right choice.  

Gregory: 25 – 34 

Cute lil’ guy. Wirt’s younger half-brother. Nothing fazes you. Life is fun, and you’re gonna enjoy it. 

The Beast: 35 – 44

A monstrous being. You demand the souls of the living for your eternal forest of the damned. In other words, you were an emo punk in high school. 

The Woodsman: 45 – 54 

You feel deeply, but you’re afraid to show it. A rough exterior hides a warm heart. Over time, you’ve come to realize that empathy isn’t a weakness. 

Jason Funderburker, the Frog: 56 – 61 

You like to sing, dance, and celebrate those around you. You’re aggressively loyal (and talented). Not everything makes sense—the world is crazy, right—but you’re doing your best and having a ball with it. 



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