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Exclusive Casting News: The Walking Dead - Child Star Chandler Riggs Joins Cast!

Though many names have been added to the ever growing list of talent that will be fending off the flesh eaters in Frank Darabont's adaptation of the Robert Kirkman zombie epic The Walking Dead, one role and player has been kind of elusive to track down. Until now.

The Walking Dead: Frank Darabont Only Directing the Pilot?

Well, it had to happen sooner or later. Finally the first news has come from the set of "The Walking Dead" that's bummed us out a bit. Still, we have faith that this show is going to rock regardless.

More on The Walking Dead: First Production Photo and Zombie School Video

One thing's for sure: AMC isn't being shy about promoting its upcoming series "The Walking Dead". Maybe it really will do for zombies what "Mad Men" has done for advertising! On tap today are the first production photo and a behind-the-scenes look at the show's "Zombie School".

*UPDATED* Michael Rooker Joining AMC's The Walking Dead

One genre staple whom we'd love to see obtain some mainstream success is Michael Rooker, and based on the news he recently posted from his Twitter account, it looks like he could be headed in that direction.

Darabont Looks Back to NOTLD for The Walking Dead

October simply cannot get here fast enough! Why? Because we'll have another reason to make that month our favorite time of the year as Frank Darabont's adaptation of Robert Kirkman's undead epic The Walking Dead will be enjoying its run! Ready to hear some more from the man himself about what to expect?

A Few More Clues About Dexter Season 5

As we already knew from the "Dexter" panel at Paleyfest 2010, Season 5 will pick up right where Season 4 ended, but now a few more details have come to light, including who'll be assisting our favorite serial killer with child care. Proceed with caution, however, as there are some spoilers if you're not caught up with the show.

TBS to Debut Neighbors from Hell This June

This June TBS will be jumping onto the horror-themed animated TV series bandwagon with a new show entitled "Neighbors from Hell", and we've got three behind-the-scenes videos for you to check out to see if it holds any promise.

True Blood Cast Expands Again as Sam Hires a New Waitress

Lauren Bowles, who has been kept quite busy over the last several years with guest starring roles in numerous TV series, has joined the cast of "True Blood" as recurring character Holly, a new waitress at Merlotte's.

Update on Syfy's Being Human Re-imagining

Although most of what he says echoes statements made last January by Mark Stern, Syfy's head of original programming (read that story here), in a recent interview Syfy president David Howe gave a teeny update on the channel's redux of the excellent British TV show "Being Human".

Paleyfest 2010: Dexter Panel Reveals a Few Clues for Season Five

The Dexter panel at Paleyfest 2010 ended just a short while ago, and while not a lot was revealed about what the writers have in store for us during Season Five, Andrew did report back with a few choice tidbits, including the much debated time frame in which the new episodes will be set.

Rob Zombie's CSI: Miami Air Date and Another Guest Star

A couple of updates on Rob Zombie's CSI: Miami have come to light recently, including the episode's air date and title as well as an unexpected guest star.

Writers Chosen for Syfy's Being Human Re-imagining

Okay, my dread over the thought of Syfy redoing the excellent British TV show "Being Human" has abated a little with the network's announcement of who will be helming the show. Husband-and-wife duo Jeremy Carver ("Supernatural") and Anna Fricke ("Privileged") have been selected to write the series.

Some Dexter Videos to Help Ease the Pain of the Finale

Still reeling from the way things went down in the Season Four finale of "Dexter"? Showtime wants to help by providing a couple of video interviews with both Dexter and the Trinity Killer themselves. Once you're done watching, read on for a chat with Julie Benz.

Viz Reveals Artwork and Details of Monster Box Set 1 DVD Release

Looking for something to satisfy that anime-loving friend or relative on your holiday shopping list? On December 8th Viz Media is releasing Naoki Urasawa’s Monster Box Set 1 on DVD. Based on the acclaimed manga creator’s tense psychological masterpiece, Monster Box Set 1 features 3 DVDs (Episodes 1-15) and includes an exclusive digital booklet, which is a digitized version of the original Japanese booklet.

Dollhouse Cancelled; Whedon Responds

In what should come as no surprise to anyone who's been following the show's rocky road since Day One, Fox TV has canceled Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse". But at least they're letting it run its course and will air all 13 of this season's episodes, enabling Whedon to give it a proper send-off.