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SDCC 08: Spaced Interviews!

Though not exactly horror per se, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright's TV series "Spaced" has plenty of roots planted firmly within our genre. One watch and you'll see what I mean.

Swamp Thing: The Series Volume Two (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Dick Durock, Mark Lindsay Chapman, Carrell Myers, Jesse Zeigler, Scott Garrison, Mark Lindsay Chapman's hair Directed by Various Distributed by Shout! Factory "Do not bring your evil into my swamp!"

SDCC 08: Supernatural Season 4 Update!

The Woman in Black just checked in from Comic-Con with "Supernatural" news! The panel for the popular WB series gave the audience a sneak peek of the first five minutes of season four! If you've yet to see season three, then please skip ahead a few paragraphs because we're about to give away a few important details. SPOILERS

SDCC 08: Raimi Terrorizes Television!

In my personal opinion, reality TV needs to go. Well, at least the stuff that is only about groups of soulless backstabbers should be canned. Give me "Wipeout" or "13 - Fear is Real" any day!

SDCC 08: More from Pegg Wright & Hynes!

OK, it may not be a huge wealth of information, or exactly horror related, but this does deal with a group of people we've grown to love thanks to a certain satirical zombie flick.

SDCC 08: Dexter Murders the iPhone!

What could possible be far more exciting news than the third season of "Dexter"? How about a a video game based on the show that you can take anywhere?!

SDCC 08: Dexter Season 3 Details

Details just rolled in regarding the third season of Showtime's hit series "Dexter". This comes straight from the "Dexter" panel where our bundle of bald joy, Uncle Creepy, is sitting right now!

SDCC 08: On the Fringe of Preview Night

Our man Nomad and crew have been providing pictures and scoops from Comic-Con fast as lightning, but I thought you might also like to hear about some of the goings-on at this year’s event. Last night was what they call “Preview Night,” and if it’s any indication of what the next few days are going to be like, I suggest everyone who’s attending wear comfortable shoes and get ready for a lot of standing in line.

Whedon's Dollhouse to Air Out of Order

In a very strange twist of events, Joss Whedon has decided that his newest show for Fox, “Dollhouse”, will air out of sequence. Fans of the man’s work may recall this was one of the many contributing factors to the quick death of “Firefly”, only this time it’s not because of studio interference.

Sexy True Blood Poster

Yes, there's more to this poster for the upcoming vampire series “True Blood”, but what more do you really need to see? Sexy lips, sexy tongue, just the right amount of plasma ... yep, that’s good enough for me.

Fear Itself: New Year's Day (2008)

Reviewed by Morgan Elecktra Starring Briana Evigan, Niall Matter Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman Fear Itself's Official Site

Shiny New F13 Series Art!

Lewis Vendredi's cursed objects will finally be haunting homes around the country thanks to Paramount Home Video. Though we've known about this for a while, there hasn't been much word on special features or official artwork.

MST3K: 20th Anniversary Art

What is it? What’s going to be on it? My God, has it really been 20 years since this show was on?

This Blood's for You!

Let's say vampires were an integrated part of society; it'd be socially unacceptable for them to just go around sucking regular folks dry. The good thing about the Japanese is that they'd quickly find a way to not only make a buck off the potential plight but also provide a cool and refreshing way for the suckheads to quench their thirst.

Showtime Hires Exterminators

Showtime has teamed up with the executive producer behind “Dexter”, Sara Colleton, to bring the Vertigo Comic Exterminators to the small screen according to this morning’s THR.