An International Trailer Does As God Says

Back in November we told you that Takashi Miike was heading into Battle Royale territory for an adaptation of As God Says (Kamisama no lu Tori) for Toho, and now we have the first trailer for you.

Eyeball This First International Trailer for Parasyte

Finally, after years of waiting, the first trailer (albeit international with no English subtitles) has arrived for Toho's feature film adaptation of the Nineties manga Parasyte. Check it out and look for a translated one soon... although we've gotta say it kinda speaks for itself!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Godzilla: The Art of Destruction

We've previously mentioned that Godzilla: The Art of Destruction is heading our way on May 13th, and the book's publisher, Insight Editions, has generously provided us with a few copies to give away. Read on for the details!

Go Inside Godzilla: The Art of Destruction

Coming May 13th is a book that looks to be right up all of our alleys, Godzilla: The Art of Destruction, and right now we have a super-sized look at some of the pages inside. Chew slowly, kids! It's the good stuff!

Go Behind the Scenes of Godzilla This May with Godzilla: The Art of Destruction

If you're anything like us, you're anxious to see every little bit you can of the new Godzilla, and coming May 13th is a book that looks to be right up all of our alleys: Godzilla: The Art of Destruction.

Takashi Miike to Do As God Says for Toho

Takashi Miike is a staple name in the world of cutting edge lunacy in cinema. The man has delivered the goods time and time again, and now he's heading into Battle Royale territory for an adaptation of As God Says (Kamisama no lu Tori) for Toho.

Manga Series Parasyte Coming Back to Life with Two-Part Live-Action Film

Back in 2005, New Line acquired the production rights to the 90s comic series Parasyte, with plans on Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge) directing the live-action adaptation. It ended up being one of those projects that never happened...

B-Sides: Godzilla and Jet Jaguar Punch, Punch, Punch

You’re a robot made by humans. But Jet Jaguar, Jet Jaguar, you did it, Jet Jaguar. Go, go to protect the peace. We are all surprised at the courage you show. Godzilla and Jet Jaguar, Punch! Punch! Punch!

Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #1 Sells Out in One Day; Second Printing Coming!

IDW Publishing announced that Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters Issue #1 sold out just a day after making its debut at comic book retail stores throughout North America. Written by Eric Powell and Tracy Marsh, with artwork by Phil Hester, the rapid sell-out marks a fantastically successful return for the giant fire-breathing lizard to comics.

Cover Art for IDW's Godzilla: Monster World and Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters

It was last October during the New York Comic Con that we first got word of IDW's partnership with Toho Co., Ltd., to create all-new Godzilla comics, and now the first two issues - Godzilla: Monster World and Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters - are available for pre-order. Read on for their synopses and to see the cover art.

A Tale of Two Zillas

I kind of hate even writing this story because I honestly believe it will be quickly debunked. If the author of a Pittsburgh Examiner article is correct, Toho is preparing to bring Godzilla back to Japanese theaters in December of 2012 at the same time Legendary Pictures and Monsters director Gareth Edwards are releasing their megabudget 3D Godzilla on screens worldwide.

NYCC 2010: IDW Bringing Back Godzilla

Here at Dread Central there are few things we love more than Godzilla. Doesn't matter the medium; if there are new Godzilla adventures to be had, count us in! Word came down today during the New York Comic Con that Big G will be gracing the page once again thanks to IDW. From the Press Release

Motion Picture Purgatory: Mothra

Now this is what we call serendipity! In an interesting counterpoint to the recent news stories about a potential new American version of Godzilla, Trembles' MPP this week is about Mothra. Let's just hope it doesn't give anyone any ideas about another remake!

Motion Picture Purgatory: The H-Man

One thing I love about being the designated DC staffer to put up Trembles' review each week is that we just never know what the hell he's going to come up with next! Case in point: 1958's Bijo to Ekitainingen aka The H-Man.

Cover Art and Stills from Sonys Upcoming Icons of Sci-Fi: Toho

Those of you yearning for the golden age of monster movies, where a man in a zipper suit wreaked havoc on a miniature set of downtown Tokyo, can get your fix on October 18th, courtesy of the Sony Pictures Entertainment release, Icons of Sci-Fi - Toho. Read on for a look at the DVD cover art and some stills to whet your appetite for some old school carnage!