The Scream Factory

Scream Factory Releases Schizoid / X-ray, Q The Winged Serpent, and Dark Angel Blu-ray Details

Okay, kids! Time for the goods on Scream Factory's Schizoid / X-Ray double feature Blu-ray as well as Q The Winged Serpent and Dark Angel, which was better known here Stateside as I Come in Peace.

*UPDATE* Alice Cooper Records Commentary for The Scream Factory's Prince of Darkness Blu-ray

Breaking news from Alice Cooper on Twitter! The king of your rock 'n roll nightmares just announced that he's recorded a commentary for Scream Factory's upcoming Blu-ray release of John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness!

Scream Factory Transmits the Artwork for Prince of Darkness from the Year 1... 9... 9... 9...

When it comes to artwork for vintage Blu-ray/DVD releases, Scream Factory has always been ahead of the game. Today they've unveiled the artwork for John Carpenter's 1987 masterpiece Prince of Darkness, and all we can say is, "Wow!"

Scream Factory Unveils the Key Art for The Vincent Price Collection

As per usual, the Scream Factory Facebook page was home to more news last night. On tap right now is the official Blu-ray art for their upcoming release of The Vincent Price Collection. Check it out!

Scream Factory Announces The Beast Within and Crawlspace; Reveals Artwork for Amityville Trilogy Blu-ray

Today Scream Factory celebrates its one-year anniversary so the label revealed some new goodies for the masses! Check out all the latest here!

The Scream Factory Sets a Date for X-Ray / Schizoid Blu-ray Combo and more!

Mark your calendars, kiddies, because the Scream Factory has just revealed the release date for its Blu-ray / DVD combo pack of X-Ray / Schizoid. Look for it in stores on August 20th along with the All Night 4 Horror Movie DVD Box Set. Special features to be announced.

Date and Specs Announced for The Scream Factory's Swamp Thing Blu-ray

The lovable video gods over at The Scream Factory have announced an August 6th release date for their upcoming Blu-ray of Wes Craven's Swamp Thing along with a list of special features. Read on for details.

Make a Date with Scream Factory's Day of the Dead

The Scream Factory has dated its upcoming Blu-ray release of the George A. Romero classic Day of the Dead, and we cannot think of a more perfect way to end the summer and head straight into the Halloween season.

Burning, The (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Brian Matthews, Leah Ayres, Brian Backer, Larry Joshua, Jason Alexander, Fisher Stevens, Lou Davi

Scream Factory Unleashing Psycho II and Psycho III on Blu-ray

Please, Scream Factory. It cannot be healthy to love something as much as we do you. Several times a week you give us more and more news that excites, tantalizes, and has us drooling. This madness has to stop! No, scratch that! Keep going! We like it! We love it! Will you marry us?

The Scream Factory Launches YouTube Channel

Well, this was certainly inevitable, and lord knows they have enough content! That's right, kids; the horror gods over at the Scream Factory have launched themselves a channel on YouTube, and it's rife with all sorts of goodies!

The Scream Factory Bringing John Carpenter's Body Bags and Prince of Darkness to Blu-ray

What more can be said about The Scream Factory? They're like the real life Santa Claus for horror fans. Over on their official Facebook page they've announced two new horror Blu-rays from John Carpenter... Body Bags and my personal favorite Prince of Darkness.

Scream Factory Art Explosion - Day of the Dead, X-Ray / Schizoid, All Night 4 Horror Movie Marathon DVD

Things have been hopping over on the Scream Factory Facebook page with multiple announcements and artwork premieres. We've got all the latest for you right here. Read on!

First Look at Scream Factory's Swamp Thing Artwork

Alrighty, kids! Time to shake off all that moss and swamp water because the Scream Factory has just revealed its official artwork for the release of Wes Craven's Swamp Thing. Check it out and count the days to see Arcane get his ass kicked!