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Dawn of the Dead
February 7, 2023

Most horror fans will admit to feeling anything but genuine excitement when it was announced a no-name director would be

shutterstock 104588618 420x280 - Quentin Tarantino Does Not Like These Three Legendary Horror Movies
January 18, 2023

Quentin Tarantino isn't as impressed as the rest of us.

Army Of Darkness
November 15, 2022

In a now six-year-old Blu-ray review for Scream Factory’s Army of Darkness (1992) I proclaimed—in the opening sentence—that edition was

Childs Play
September 21, 2022

As of the publication of this post, the Child’s Play series has amassed an impressive seven films, one television series

Child's Play 2
September 20, 2022

When Child’s Play (1988) proved to be a hit with audiences—it was United Artists’ second-highest grossing film of the year

August 2, 2022

Sure, the movie is a misfire, but Craven fans will still dig this new release.

nightmare feat 336x189 - 'Nightmare' Blu-ray Review: Hitchcock by Way of Hammer
July 14, 2022

Scream Factory has done an outstanding job of bringing so many Hammer titles home in excellent editions.

March 17, 2022

'Alligator' is more than just a B-grade riff on 'Jaws'.

deadly friend feat 336x189 - 'Deadly Friend' Blu-ray Review: Not Craven's Best... And Maybe His Worst
January 5, 2022

Anthony Arrigo reviews Wes Craven's subpar Deadly Friend.

alone in the dark feat 336x189 - 'Alone in the Dark' Blu-ray Review: A Killer Cast, But Not Much Else
November 26, 2021

Not nearly as good as its reputation suggests, 'Alone in the Dark' is notable for having a stellar cast but