The Scream Factory

The Scream Factory - Halloween II and Halloween III: Season of the Witch Blu-ray Reviews!

The very first two Blu-ray releases from horror's new best friend, The Scream Factory, are here; and we have the verdict on how well they did ready and waiting for you. This bodes very well, dear reader! Dig it!

Scream Factory Bringing The Nest and TerrorVision Home in Style

Oh, happy day! The Scream Factory has announced yet another two hard to find horror flicks via their Facebook page. Allow us to take a moment to make a formal request for Cellar Dwellar. We'll be your best friend. Please?

Scream Factory Pumps out Trailer for Halloween II and Halloween III: Season of the Witch!

In just a few short days both Halloween II and Halloween III: Season of the Witch will be hitting Blu-ray and DVD in style courtesy of our favorite maniacs over at the Scream Factory, and we've got trailers for each to get you giddy!

More Scream Factory Mayhem - A Look at Halloween II and III Blu-rays; Death Valley and The Island Announced

We keep telling you cats to keep an eye on the Scream Factory's Facebook page, but for those of you who are too lazy or don't listen, be thankful that we're here so that you don't miss anything.

New Halloween III: Season of the Witch Documentary Clip Whets Our Appetites

Honestly, we don't care what anyone says; Halloween III: Season of the Witch RULES! So what if it didn't have Michael Myers? Rob Zombie's Halloween flicks did, and look how they turned out!

Full Special Features Unveiled for Scream Factory's Funhouse Blu-ray

Since the announcement of the Scream Factory line of Blu-rays and DVDs we've been foaming at the mouth with anticipation. We've got an update on one of their more anticipated packages The Funhouse! Read on for the skinny on what to expect!

The Scream Factory Bringing Terror Train and The Funhouse Home in October!

If you listen carefully, you can actually hear horror -oving hearts around the world beating with joy! Check out all the info for The Scream Factory's release of Terror Train and The Funhouse right here along with some incredible artwork!

The Scream Factory Readying a Two-Disc Blu-ray and DVD Release of Halloween II

The amount of joy coursing through the Dread Central offices right now is nothing short of electric. Why, you ask? Because of The Scream Factory and what they're planning to do with their upcoming release of Halloween II.

Best News of the Day - The Shout! Factory Gets Even Scarier!

Words alone cannot express the overwhelming feeling of joy we have inside at this moment. If you thought the Shout! Factory was a great friend to the horror genre before ... brother, you ain't seen nothing yet! The Scream Factory is OFFICIALLY on its way!

Introducing Fangoria Graphix!

The folks behind the now-defunct Fangoria Comics line have reunited to give it a go one more time, this time under the banner of Fangoria Graphix, according to a new blog posted on Fa

Scream Factory Shows Off Bump Creature This Weekend!

We recently gave you the first word that the sickos behind The Scream Factory would be showing off their wares at this weekend’s Wizard World Chicago. Today we got word on just what one of those wares will be...

Exclusive Look at Death Walks the Streets #0!

James Zahn, the mastermind behind the forever-in-development monster mashup Death Walks the Streets, just dropped us a line with your first look at issue #0 of the

The Scream Factory at Wizard World Chicago

You have just got to love the convention circuit. There's so much to do, so much to see, and so much cool shit to buy it's usually our wallets that end up in agony. My credit cards are still burning from the days of Chiller gone by!

Death Walking on MySpace

Here’s the first thing we’ve seen in forever from Death Walks the Streets, that fabled indie film about vampires, werewolves, demons and the mob that may or may not ever actually see the light of day.