If It's Thursday, It's Time for a New Same Shit, Different Show

This week's episode of Same Shit, Different Show involves a guest that DC readers/listeners are already more than familiar with. And while you may hear Buz and Andrew Kasch on a monthly basis via Dinner for Fiends, this is an entirely different kind of conversation - and every bit as entertaining.

John Skipp Talks Hollywood Craziness in Same Shit, DIfferent Show

With the weekend being close enough to taste, our own Buz Wallick's Same Shit, Different Show is quickly becoming a ritualistic Thursday night listen. Crack a beer, sit back, and relax because there's a lot of genre stuff that needs dissecting!

New Episode of SHHH Labors Away

Labor Day is gone so SHHH is back for another week of shenanigans, busted Blu-rays, Busta Rhymes (he did karate kick that Myers guy), and dead islands. Read on for more.

New Same Shit, Different Show Explores the Home Video Industry

Another week. Another show. Same shit. But good, nonetheless! Seriously, it's time for your host, Buz "Danger" Wallick, to treat you to another helping of his Different Show. This week's episode spouts another great guest and promises another fascinating listen. Lend him your ear!

Catch the Same Shit, DIfferent Show Podcast Now

Check it out, boys and girls! Our very own Buz "Danger" Wallick has unleashed the maiden voyage of his Same Shit, Different Show podcast. Come on in, and I'll tell you where to find it!

SHHH! Episode 7 Survives Diaster!

It's been a spooky week full of natural disasters and box office bombs, and we here at SHHH have got you covered as usual. Read on for the latest!

SHHH! Episode 6: Experiences Legendary Suffering

Another week, another episode of SHHH. This week we have everything from insights into Hollywood's latest remakes to not so ghostly recordings to another classic streaming review. The full description follows...

SHHH! Episode 5 Crawls from the Grave

After a small break The Spooky Hour Horror Hour with Ted, Raychul, Sub-Z and DerrickH is back for another week of horror speak, including classic and current movie reviews, news, and even a game review. Read on for the details.

SHHH! Episode 4 Now Live and Twitching

It's Shark Week and SHHH is fired up and ready ... or not. This week Sub-Z, Ted and Derrick watch another classic on streaming, as well as "The Heroic Trio."

SHHH! A Double Dose of Aural Goodness!

The Spooky Hour Horror Hour returns this week with a double dose of ear candy. That's right, kids. Because of the madness of Comic-Con last week, you're getting two shows this time! Two, I tell you!

The Night Crew Bring a Double Dose of Terror Talk!

The denizens of The Night Crew Podcast have been busy these past few weeks, releasing not one, but two new episodes of their groundbreaking podcast.

SHHH! Dread Central Has a New Podcast! The Spooky Hour Horror Hour!

We hear it all the time. When are you guys going to do a new Dinner for Fiends? When are you going to do another Foycast? Well, as always they're coming. Actually we're revamping the way we're doing things so it's taking a while to work out the kinks. However, we have really good news for you!

The Night Crew: Episode 9 is LIVE!

Genre journalists Thom Carnell (Fangoria, Dread Central) and Sean “The Butcher” Smithson (Fangoria, Twitchfilm.com) release yet another episode of the highly lauded podcast series The Night Crew on their unsuspecting listeners.

The Official Word on The Night Crew

A couple of days ago we told you about a killer new podcast called The Night Crew. Now we have the official word for you to dig on! Check it out, fiends! From the Press Release

The Night Crew Coming to Feed Your Head

A brand new aural treat is on its way from some of the biggest names in horror journalism including, most humbly, us. Get ready for some good old supernatural themed mental floss with The Night Crew.