Crysis 3 Gets an Epic Hunter Mode Trailer

EA's Crysis 3 releases next year, but we have an exciting new trailer to sustain your hunger while you wait! The Hunter Mode trailer will give gamers an exclusive look into the Hunter multiplayer mode in Crysis 3. Read on to watch the new video and check out some of the pre-order incentives!

From the Press Release:
Assess, adapt and attack in this latest Crysis 3 trailer showcasing the game's heart-pounding Hunter multiplayer mode. Featuring five, two-minute rounds, Hunter mode is 2 vs. 10 on console (2 vs. 14 on PC) and starts off by pitting two Hunters against CELL Troopers. Outfitted with enhanced Nanosuits and armed with the all-new Predator composite bow, Hunters must stalk CELL Troopers, systematically taking them out one by one. The twist is that once a CELL Trooper is killed, they respawn as a Hunter, slowly tipping the balance until the round ends or there are no CELL Troopers left.

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Crysis 3 fans that pre-order the game today can obtain the tactical multiplayer advantages of the Crysis 3: Hunter Edition. You’ll be granted the lethal, cloaking-friendly Predator Bow, a unique weapon skin for the bow, and the all-seeing Recon Arrow on day zero. You’ll start multiplayer at Level 5, letting you evolve faster than your prey. You’ll get immediate access to the silent and deadly “Hunter” Nanosuit module, a powerful perk perfect for the included Predator Bow. Finally, you’ll be able to experience Crysis 3 and the original Crysis together at launch when you preorder – but only for a limited time!

Visit the official Crysis 3 website to learn more about the game.

Crysis 3 Gets an Epic Hunter Mode Trailer

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