Cover art:reviews/cry3s.jpgDeveloped by Crytek 
Published by EA 
Available for Xbox 360 (reviewed), PS3 and PC Crysis 3 starts out by making clear who is our first main problem-- The CELL Corporation. This evil entity has managed to gain control over the entire planet

Post Thumb:/apr12/cry3s.jpgGallery Image:'/gallery/crysis3/crysis31x', '/gallery/crysis3/crysis32x', '/gallery/crysis3/crysis33x', '/gallery/crysis3/crysis34x', '/gallery/crysis3/crysis35x', '/gallery/crysis3/crysis36x', '/gallery/crysis3/crysis37x', '/gallery/crysis3/crysis38x', '/gallery/crysis3/crysis39x', '/gallery/crysis3/crysis310x'One of 2013's most anticipated games is EA and Crytek's upcoming sandbox-shooter Crysis 3. The game will see the return of the main protagonist Prophet and the return of