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cry3s - Crysis 3 (Video Game)Developed by Crytek

Published by EA

Available for Xbox 360 (reviewed), PS3 and PC

Crysis 3 starts out by making clear who is our first main problem– The CELL Corporation. This evil entity has managed to gain control over the entire planet and to enslave all of its inhabitants. Crysis 3 is great for those who haven’t played other games in the series because it starts out in a unique, new manner. Players will be assuming the role of the Prophet who will assist a group in finally getting rid of the CELL corporation. This may seem like a huge feat but with a powerful Nanosuit– what could go wrong?

You are once again the ultimate predator in Crysis 3 with a campaign that almost molds itself around the player. The game may contain some glitches and performance issues, but all in all, it is a amazing shooter with an intrinsic storyline. The graphics are breathtaking from the detailed environments to even the shine on your outerwear with sound and visual effects being spot on. Our Crysis 2 character, Laurence Barnes, is back as the Prophet and pretty p’oed off! I suppose taking a bullet to the head would do that to someone.

He has awaken 23 years after what happened in the last game in a futuristic New York during the year 2047. If this wasn’t enough to take in–we realize that we are the star of Jurassic Park! What does this mean? Well with the city curtained under a massive dome then nature has overtaken everything around us. Lush rainforests, gorges and marshlands known as “The Wonders” have now taken over large portions of New York.

The Prophet will team up with the human resistance and some familiar faces join the fight. Your partner, Psycho, will be stealthily beside you as you make this new world your oyster. Players will start to feel they are inside “The Bad Boy Club” television show–since most of the scripting is predictable with a powerful concentration on action and display.

Crysis 3 lives up to what the series is known for with its polished controls, intense graphics and high-flying fun. The game wants the player to feel invincible, because you are the one inside the expensive Nanosuit (designed by the military) that gives you superhuman capabilities, remember? This expensive suit allows you to stealthily sneak through almost an entire campaign, or blast your way through like a badass, which can be a rewarding element among completion of either. The bow (equipped with standard or special arrows) is one of your best weapons which allows you to remain stealthy and still get in some decent kills. How you play is entirely up to you, you make choose to utilize your cloaking or armor abilities, while still having the option to combine them equally to form the perfect gameplay experience.

The smart visor will allow you to scope out your environment before deciding which methods to use. You may find that the bow works great but don’t limit yourself. There are so many great weapons to have some fun with, such as the high-impact Typhoon. Taking out a horde of enemies never seemed so easy with this fast shooting, powerful tool in your hands. If you don’t like what you have at your fingertips then why not take what others have? Use your Nanosuit’s hacking abilities to take over whatever you feel like at the moment.

While most parts of Crysis 3 are amazing there are still a few bugs to work which involve the moments of falling through environments and immense lag during checkpoints. However, for every bad aspect of the game, there are ten more to keep you playing. There are crucial times in the game which aren’t as fun but what game doesn’t have those moments?

The multiplayer mode is highly recommended. There are many different maps to choose from with over eight modes. Players can go for the typical modes, such as Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch, to the entertaining Hunter one. In Hunter mode, two players get to wear the Nanosuit while ten become the evil Cell soldiers. If you are the hunter then you must kill as many as possible while as a solider you are just trying to survive the hunt. Even if you die, you will get to respawn and continue the fun! The game’s multiplayer really is what takes the Crysis series to the next level.

Crysis 3 is a great game that could probably have been off the charts with more development time and product testing. None of the game’s disadvantages ruin the gameplay, but just somehow smudge up what could have been a shining experience. If you didn’t like the other games in the series, well this game isn’t going to change your mind to give it another shot, but if you did then time to suit back up!

Crysis 3 can now be purchased from all major retailers for the MSRP of $59.99 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Crysis 3 is rated M by the ESRB for Blood, Partial Nudity, Strong Language & Violence. To learn more or get your copy today, visit the official Crysis 3 website.

Game Features

  • Online Multiplayer 2-12
  • 8 Game Modes & 12 Maps
  • Trophy/Achievement Support

    mobF - Crysis 3 (Video Game)mobF - Crysis 3 (Video Game)mobF - Crysis 3 (Video Game)mobF - Crysis 3 (Video Game)

    4 out of 5

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  • Written by Amanda Dyar

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