Rob Cohen Jumping to Join The Monster Squad

Rob Cohen Jumping to Join The Monster SquadIt's been a long while since last we talked about Platinum Dunes' new version of The Monster Squad and we're still not sure if that's a good or a bad thing! Either way, one director who's still bucking to get the gig is Rob Cohen. Read on for the latest.

According to Coming Soon who recently caught up with Cohen the man had this to say regarding the flick...

[The original] is one of the best things I’ve ever produced and I wanted to direct [the remake]… It’s sitting at Paramount. It’s a great script. I’ve been kicking them. Michael Bay has been kicking them. They don’t roll over… I don’t understand it. I’m hoping that one day we just get a call that they’ve finally seen the light of day.”

Cohen was to direct the remake of Fred Dekker’s 1987 classic, which begins when Count Dracula adjourns to Earth, accompanied by Frankenstein’s Monster, the Wolfman, the Mummy, and the Gillman. The uglies are in search of a powerful amulet that will grant them power to rule the world. The heroes – the Monster Squad are the only ones daring to stand in their way. Mark and Brian Gunn penned the latest screenplay.

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Source: Coming Soon



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They want to turn it in to a trilogy, so I'm hoping it's stalled as long as humanly possible. They're going to go for that whole diversity crap. Rudy will probably be turned in to a tough talking hispanic chick, and Phoebe a cute Asian boy. Ugh. No thank you.

Submitted by Terminal on Mon, 10/08/2012 - 4:41pm.

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