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The Thing Banner 336x189 - 8 Horror Movies that Shouldn’t Have Bombed at the Box Office
December 28, 2021

At least most of these films have a cult following now.

Monster Squad Banner 336x189 - Wishing Andre Gower a Speedy Recovery; THE MONSTER SQUAD Star Suffered a Major Heart Attack
July 6, 2021

Andre Gower, star of 1987's THE MONSTER SQUAD is recovering from a massive heart attack. Here's how you can help!

Choose Your Own Adventure Meets 80s Movies 336x175 - Choose Your Own Adventure Now Meets Your Favorite 80s Scary Movies! [New Gallery]
May 14, 2021

Choose Your Own Adventure meets some of your favorite 80s scary movies like CHOPPING MALL and MONSTER SQUAD and more

monster squad 336x176 - Happy Birthday MONSTER SQUAD and NIGHT OF THE CREEPS Director Fred Dekker
April 9, 2021

Happy Birthday, NIGHT OF THE CREEPS and THE MONSTER SQUAD Director Fred Dekker

monster squad 336x176 - Derek Mears Shares Killer Idea for New MONSTER SQUAD Movie
March 26, 2021

Jason himself @DerekMears has a killer pitch for a reboot/sequel to @BonafideBlack and Fred Dekker's cult classic #TheMonsterSquad.

The Monster Squad 1987 min 336x176 - THE MONSTER SQUAD Director Teases Possible New Sequel Series
February 26, 2021

The Monster Squad director Fred Dekker (Night of the Creeps) is teasing the future of the franchise - including a

Wolf Man 2010 Banner 336x189 - The Beast In Me: Werewolves, Depression, and Hope
October 21, 2020

In the opening moments of his score to Universal’s spotty but entertaining remake of The Wolfman, legendary composer Danny Elfman

The Monster Squad 1987 min 336x176 - Trailer: MONSTER SQUAD Doc WOLFMAN'S GOT NARDS Gets Halloween Season Release on 10/27
September 29, 2020

Gravitas Ventures, a Red Arrow Studios company, has acquired North American rights to distribute Wolfman’s Got Nards, directed by Andre

The Monster Squad Banner 336x189 - From THE MONSTER SQUAD to BABY FRANKENSTEIN: Dread Chats with ANDRE GOWER
August 24, 2020

Now 33 years old, Fred Dekker’s The Monster Squad is a film that continues to captivate viewers with its story

The Monster Squad 1987 min 336x176 - This Day in Horror History: THE MONSTER SQUAD Opened in 1987
August 14, 2020

On this day in horror history, Night of the Creeps director Fred Dekker’s horror-comedy classic The Monster Squad was released

Fright Rags The Crow 336x189 - Fire It Up with New Shirts from THE CROW, CHOPPING MALL & More via Fright-Rags
May 15, 2020

In a time when comfort viewing is more valuable than ever, Fright-Rags recognizes cult classic films of the ’80s and

Header Tom Noonan 336x189 - This Day in Horror History: Happy Birthday Tom Noonan
April 12, 2020

Tom Noonan played Frankenstein’s Monster in Fred Dekker’s The Monster Squad (released in 1987) and has since become a minor