A Teaser Trailer Arrives for Daniel Knauf's Bxx: Haunted

A Teaser Trailer Arrives for Daniel Knauf's Bxx: HauntedIn the era of SOPA and PIPA, where corporations fight to protect their creative property, some creators have lost the ability to play in the worlds they have created because of deals with those same corporations. One such creator is Daniel Knauf, who brought us the amazing and much missed world of "Carnivale". HBO owns that show and everything surrounding it, leaving Knauf unable to bring closure to the tale or shop it to other sources for continuation.

This left Knauf driven to express himself in ways that he could own 100%. Having long been a Netizen, he was familiar with the potential power of the Net as a storytelling tool.

We now have his first foray into Internet creativity, a project called Bxx: Haunted. Far from a traditional film, Bxx: Haunted is an entirely new form of cinematic storytelling, leveraging the technology of the Internet. Shot over 48 hours using dozens of cameras, Knauf has taken almost 800 hours of raw video and created a non-linear story that is meant to be viewed as one browses the Net: follow what interests you, browse deeper to learn more, back out and go somewhere else if you get bored.

The goal is to have viewers create the experience they want to see, to more or less become filmmakers creating their own experience on the fly.

For his first work in this new format, Knauf chose to tell the story of a paranormal investigation gone very, very wrong. Six people, one house, 48 hours. What will happen? We find out next month on February 24th when the official Bxx: Haunted website launches.

Knauf has released the first teaser trailer for the project, which you can watch below. It's followed by a longer version that features clips of Knauf discussing the project before the teaser.

Keep an eye on Dread Central for much more coming up about Bxx: Haunted. We're all over this one, and we've got some fantastic exclusive content coming your way as we head toward the launch date! Stay tuned, creeps; you're gonna love this.

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