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FEARnet’s February Programming Includes All Five Exorcist Films and a Sweepstakes



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FEARnetNothing says “I love you” like FEARnet this February with an horrific heart-shaped box full of premieres, prizes, and stunts kicked off by the world television debut of Lost Boys: The Thirst on February 3 and “The Complete Exorcist Marathon” on February 17.

From the Press Release:
For the first time ever, a TV network is consecutively airing all films, prequels and sequels, associated with The Exorcist franchise. One of the most significant genre films ever made, the Academy Award®-winning movie celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. In that time it has spawned two sequels and two prequels, which FEARnet presents back-to-back starting at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT on February 17.

The original head-spinning classic The Exorcist stars Linda Blair as Regan MacNeil, a young girl possessed by the demon Pazuzu, with Max von Sydow and Jason Miller as the priests who try to save her. Next is Exorcist II: The Heretic at 4:30 p.m. ET/1:30 p.m. PT, picking up four years later, with Regan’s (Blair) recent hypnotherapy sessions revealing that Pazuzu still lives within her.

Exorcist III follows at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT, starring George C. Scott as Lieutenant Kinderman, investigating a series of murders similar to those of the Gemini Killer (Brad Dourif), who has been dead for 15 years. Then it’s Dominion: Prequel to The Exorcist at 9:30 p.m. ET/6:30 p.m. PT, Paul Schrader’s vision of Father Merrin’s (Stellan Skarsgård) days in Kenya, where an ancient Byzantine church causes an outbreak of madness in the camp, leading Merrin to his first encounter with Pazuzu. The evening closes with Exorcist: The Beginning at 12 midnight ET/9 p.m. PT, Renny Harlin’s version, which places Father Merrin (Skarsgård) in the ruins of a subterranean Satanic temple, where he must save a woman possessed by Pazuzu.

FEARnet's February Programming Includes All Five Exorcist Films and a Sweepstakes

For some this Valentine’s Day is not about marriage proposals or candy-filled hearts, and for those people FEARnet is offering a six-film fright-fest with the “Luv Sucks” marathon on Thursday, February 7. It all starts at 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT with Lost Boys: The Thirst, as Edgar Frog (Corey Feldman) returns to hunt down a vampire DJ who uses worldwide raves to create an army of the undead. John Carpenter’s Vampires is next at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT, starring James Woods as a vampire hunter who must stop a bloodsucking horde from taking control of the Black Cross of Berziers, an ancient relic allowing them to walk in daylight. At 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT, it’s John Carpenter Presents Vampires: Los Muertos, with Jon Bon Jovi heading south of the border to battle a different group of vamps seeking the Black Cross of Berziers. Children of the Night follows at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT, when a teacher and a priest are all that stands in the way of a small town falling victim to an evil vampire lord. Blood: The Last Vampire strikes at 12 midnight ET/9 p.m. PT, as a 400-year-old human-vampire girl goes toe-to-toe with a demon on a Japanese military base. The Forsaken wraps things up at 2 a.m. ET/11 p.m. PT, placing “Roswell” stars Kerr Smith and Brendan Fehr in a desert showdown with a vampire master (Jonathan Schaech) and his undead gang.

From Tuesday, February 5, at 12 noon ET/9:00 a.m. PT to 8 p.m. ET/5:00 p.m. PT on Friday, February 15, viewers will be able to enter the “Luv Sucks” Sweepstakes on FEARnet.com for a chance to win a prize package featuring a 40” LED Sony EX620 Smart TV and Bravia Theater System; Let Me In, Let the Right One In, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Fright Night, The Corpse Bride, and Jennifer’s Body on DVD; a DL & Co. Jewelry Box; a FEARnet Military-style hat, mug, and other fun surprises.

Other February highlights include:

· ‘LOST BOYS: THE THIRST’ (World Television Premiere) – Sunday, February 3 (8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT) – Think the Big Game’s matchup sucks? Put a stake in it with the world television premiere of Lost Boys: The Thirst. Legendary amateur vampire hunter Edgar Frog (Corey Feldman) is back, this time going toe-to-toe with the undead DJ X, whose notorious raves turn his crowds into bloodsuckers in this follow-up to the ‘80s teen-vampire classic.

· ‘KNOCK, KNOCK 2’ (World Television Premiere) – Sunday, February 10 (8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT) – Death comes knocking for a group of friends on a Halloween tour of haunted landmarks, when their adventure leads them to a house known as 1666—the site of a brutal murder where ghosts of the past are said to roam free.

· ‘WRONG TURN 2: DEAD END’ (Network Premiere) – Sunday, February 10 (10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT) – Henry Rollins (Suck) stars as the host of a reality show testing players’ instincts in the wild. But the competition becomes a fight for survival, when the contestants find themselves stalked by a legendary cannibal family. Joe Lynch (“Holliston”) directs this follow-up to the original genre hit.

· ‘CUBE’ (Network Premiere) – Sunday, February 24 (8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT) – Six strangers wake up imprisoned in an intricate maze, filled with multiple rooms and a variety of traps. They must put their skills together to learn the truth behind their captivity and find a way out in this fan-favorite Canadian import from Splice writer-director Vincenzo Natali.

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Rest in Peace: Dolores O’Riordan



Sad and shocking news has come in from the music world as Dolores O’Riordan, lead singer of The Cranberries, has been found dead at the all too young age of just 46.

According to the Associated Press, the singer’s publicist, Lindsey Holmes, confirmed she died in London, where she was recording. “No further details are available at this time,” Holmes said, adding that the singer’s family was “devastated” by the news.

London’s Metropolitan Police were summoned to a hotel just after 9:00 AM today. As of now her death is classified as “unexplained.”

During her career, O’Riordan provided music for the short film Z, Birdemic: Shock and Terror, Evilenko, and many more films and television projects. We here at Dread Central would like to take this time to extend our sincerest of condolences to Dolores’ family members, friends, and constituents.

If you, if you could return. Don’t let it burn. Don’t let it fade.

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Dread Central Presents

Dread Central Presents’ Villmark Asylum is on Amazon Prime!



Today marks a very exciting day for us here at Dread Central as Pål Øie’s Villmark Asylum has hit Amazon Prime! This marks the first official release of a Dread Central Presents title and we can’t wait to hear what you all think! If you’ve got Amazon Prime, you can watch the film for free as part of your Prime subscription. Also, if you do check it out, we ask that you please leave a review on Amazon with your honest thoughts. If you hated it, let us know! If you loved it, great! Whatever your thoughts on the film might be, we want to know them.

Also, don’t forget that we’ll be hosting double feature screenings of Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight and Turbo Kid later this month. You can find all details here.

Directed by Øie, Villmark Asylum stars Ellen Dorrit Petersen, Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Mads Sjøgård Pettersen, and Baard Owe.

A crew of five hazardous waste workers are sent to a massive, abandoned sanatorium deep in the mountains. But their routine assignment takes a dark turn when they encounter the building’s terrifying past.

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Exclusive Delirium Clip Goes Running Through the ‘Net!



Another horror flick has hit our radar called Delirium, and right now we have a slew of stuff for you to dig on including stills, the trailer, and yes, an exclusive clip! Dig it!

Mike C. Manning, Griffin Freeman, Seth Austin, Ryan Pinkston, August Roads, and Elena Sanchez star in the flick from director Johnny Martin. Look for it on January 19th via Gravitas Ventures.

A group of young men dare a classmate to reach the porch of a legendary house that is said to be haunted by the thirteen victims of a family massacre. In hopes of making a viral video, they arm him with a video camera to prove he was there or to capture him fleeing terror as others have.

When he doesn’t return, the guys must go in to get him. Inside the mansion they discover the truth about the family that died there, the fate of their friend, and what their own fates will be.

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