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The Exorcist
March 24, 2023

Kindly undo these straps so I can celebrate.

The Exorcist
July 8, 2022

Strap in for all the latest news on the upcoming trifecta of sequels to the scariest movie ever made.

the exorcist
June 27, 2022

Your mother scrubs socks in hell.

babadook 336x189 - The Top 5 Fiercest Final Mothers Of Horror
May 6, 2022

Don't make these moms tell you twice...

The Exorcist 2nd option 336x129 - 5 Exorcisms That Brought Those Boys To The Yard
February 21, 2022

Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's her inner-demons.

Jamie Lee Curtis 'The Exorcist'
October 29, 2021

"If David gives me a part in the new 'Exorcist' trilogy as the voice of the devil, that would blow

'The Exorcist' David Gordon Green Blumhouse
October 14, 2021

The writer-director says the first of his forthcoming trilogy is written and the next two are now being outlined.

1973 Exorcist Banner 336x189 - Linda Blair Has NOT Been Contacted About Returning for the New EXORCIST Trilogy "As of Now"
July 27, 2021

While Ellen Burstyn will be back in the new EXORCIST sequels from Universal/Blumhouse/Morgan Creek, Linda Blair may not.

The Exorcist Helen Burstyn banner 336x189 - Ellen Burstyn Will Appear in David Gordon Green's THE EXORCIST
July 26, 2021

Ellen Burstyn is reprising the role of Chris MacNeil in David Gordon Green's THE EXORCIST! Also: There are a total