Blair Witch Co-Creator Goes ParaAbnormal

Blair Witch Co-Creator Goes ParaAbnormalNow this is an idea with potential. It seems like every paranormal investigator in the world has his own show now, and you can always tell when something has lingered in the public consciousness for too long when it gets its own parody. That's exactly what's happening with ParaAbnormal, a comedy web series about a group of intrepid ghost hunters.

ParaAbnormal comes to you from Jamie Nash and Eduardo Sanchez, co-creator of The Blair Witch Project. It's described as being the webseries that does for Ghost Hunting what Reno 911 did for Cops, and you can dig on a sneak peek of it below:

Ghost hunting begins on September 1, so head on over to the official site for more clips and info.

- MattFini

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Technically Supernatural beat them to it with Ghostfacers, but this looks pretty cool too.

Submitted by Debi Moore on Tue, 08/04/2009 - 8:17pm.

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