Gamera 3 and Daimajin Stomping Their Way to Blu-ray

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Many widely consider Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris the best daikaiju movie since the original Godzilla. Since the first two are already on Blu-ray, it only makes that this final installment in the epic 1990’s Gamera trilogy finally get its blu due, as well as a certain giant stone samurai.

Mill Creek Entertainment released Gamera: Guardian of the Universe and Gamera 2: Advent of Legion as a Blu-ray double feature last year. September 27th will see the third and final and most critically acclaimed entry in Daiei’s 1990’s Gamera revival take its hi-def bow on September 27th for the stunningly low price of only $9.98.

The disc is promised to come packed with extra, but specifics as to what the extras will be remain vague other than confirmation of interviews with the cast and crew and a behind-the-scenes with the special FX crew.

Mill Creek Entertainment will also be releasing the double feature disc containing the first two films and the new Gamera 3 disc together on September 27th in a “Gamera Trilogy” package set. That boxed set will retail for $24.98.

For those that prefer their giant Japanese monster movies with more of a touch of Kurosawa, SciFi Japan brings word that Mill Creek Entertainment also plans Blu-ray releases of all three films in Daiei’s late Sixties Daimajin trilogy, released to US television by American International Pictures back in the day under the titles Majin, The Monster of Terror, and The Return of The Giant Majin. The third, Majin Strikes Again, never saw the light of day on American shores until ADV Films released it domestically in 1999.

All three films were set during samurai times and featured oppressed peasants praying to a giant stone samurai statue that eventually comes to life to crush the corrupt shogun and his army.

Mill Creek’s plans, as of now, are to release the first two Daimajin movies as a double feature DVD featuring both Japanese audio with subtitles and the AIP English dub track. The release of the third film will come later since it was never dubbed in English and will most likely only come in its original language with subtitles. No release dates for these have been set other than they hope to have the first two out before year’s end.

Somebody want to tap the folks at Toho on the shoulder and politely ask them why we’re getting more Gamera and Daimajin movies on Blu-ray before the multitudes of movies in the Godzilla canon?

Gamera 3 and Daimajin Stomping Their Way to Blu-ray

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  • Rottenjesus

    Just pre-ordered the trilogy box set. To have these fantastic kaiju movies in HD is great news.

  • Vanvance1

    I have the DVDS but maybe I have to upgrade to blu. What the hell, box set of my favourite flying turtle, you will be mine!