Cinema Cool Takes a Look at The Monster Squad

A couple of weeks back a group of lovably loony horror fans blessed us with a pretty damned good look at some of horror’s bloodiest moments. Now the gang is back with a whole new beast – a loving look back at The Monster Squad.

As we all know — and are dreading — Platinum Dunes, also known as The Crappy Remake Monster Machine, has this classic in its sights for the do-over treatment so please … let us use this time to revere the original for all it is worth before we have our childhood memories savaged once again.

Dig on the video below, and keep a close eye on the Cinema Cool Show website. These cats do what they do pretty damned well, and if they keep staying within the horror genre, we’ll keep watching. We’re loyal like that!

Uncle Creepy

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Steve Barton

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  • FireRam

    I have yet to see this gem. I need to. I would have loved it as a kid, hopefully I can still get something out of it.

    • Floydian Trip

      I watched it a couple of months back and it’s still entertaining. I wouldn’t call it a classic by any stretch but it is fun.

      • FireRam

        Yeah, I currently have a list I NEED to see but it’s summer, I need a tan (LOL), and I need to study for my state exam that’s Tuesday so the list is getting bigger as I come across movies that are new or ones I read about and have not yet seen! IE: Zombi, [REC] and [REC]2, Inside,Martyrs,Monster Squad,and the new NOES. I did sneak Iron Man 2 in a few days ago.Oh, and Human Centipede, it’s online now, and Meadowoods. Sheesh.

  • Terminal

    I fucking love “The Monster Squad.” I re-watched it last week and it’s still so much damn fun.
    “We are bad guys. That means we’ve got more to do other than bullying companies. It’s fun to lead a bad man’s life.”

  • Didn’t See It Coming

    The original isn’t that good to begin with, but Platinum Dunes have used up any benefit of any doubt so this comment is about as far as my interest goes.