Creature of Darkness to Finally See the Light of Day

Creature of Darkness to Finally See the Light of DayIs it just my imagination or have we been reporting on the Devon Sawa monster movie Creature of Darkness for two years now? Sure feels like it has taken its sweet time. At long last, the monster movie funded by a Powerball lottery winner (true story!) will finally begin stalking DVD shelves this April.

Whatever happened to” Devon Sawa (Final Destination, Idle Hands, Extreme Ops) stars as a young man plagued by nightmares in which he repeatedly sees himself and his friends being slaughtered by a supernatural monster known as The Catcher. His friends, who have apparently never seen a horror movie in their lives, attempt to cure him of his recurring nightmares by taking him to a secluded forest where his dreams indicate The Catcher lurks. Guess what dream monster turns out to be very much a reality?

Writer-director Mark Stouffer’s Creature of Darkness co-stars the likes of Latin singing sensation Fernanda Romero, Blue Crush beauty Sanoe Lake, Fernanda Romera of The Eye remake, and character actor Matthew Laurence. “The Catcher” monster was designed by Jordu Schell, designer of the creature from the Reeker flicks.

MTI Video has slated Creature of Darkness for an April 13th release. No word on any extras. Unless you consider DVD artwork designed by someone who clearly loves War of the Worlds to be an extra.

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  • Gus Bjork

    I think the delay was the Powerbowl winning producer guy ended up in a divorce and all the assests got frozen stopping the production.