John Cooper of Skillet Shares His Top Ten Monsters

John Cooper, Lead Singer of SkilletHailing from Memphis, Tennessee, rock band Skillet recently released their seventh studio album, entitled Awake, which features the single “Monster”. Skillet is currently on tour, but lead singer John Cooper took some time out to write a Top Ten list of his favorite monsters, both in the movies and real life, and has offered to share it exclusively with Dread Central’s readers.

1. The Alien – This is one of my favorite movies of all time and the scariest monster ever made as far as I’m concerned.

2. Darth Vader – Not necessarily a “monster” but my favorite villain anyway. His costume, voice, and breathing are absolutely legendary.

3. The Predator – I love the Predator because you watch half of the movie without seeing what he looks like. Then, when you think you have seen it all, he takes his mask off and beats the crap out of Arnold. “Get to the chopper!”

4. Lord of Darkness from Legend – This movie was artistically filmed by my favorite director, Ridley Scott. “Darkness” is the creepiest devil I have ever seen. He also has the hugest butt-chin of all time…and that’s frightening.

David from The Lost Boys5. David from The Lost Boys – One of my favorite pastimes with my best friends in high school was watching The Lost Boys. At least once a weekend. To this day I still imitate David when I see those friends … “Only noodles, Michael!”

6. The Loch Ness Monster – I don’t care if anyone thinks I’m a loser or not. I still believe in the Loch Ness Monster! I saw one of those late night documentaries on it as a kid, and I’m a believer.

7. Bruce the Shark from Jaws – Man, I’m still scared to death of the ocean because I watched Jaws when I was a kid. I don’t even want to watch it again because I’m so scared. People say that it looks mechanical, but they are wrong! They didn’t watch it in the Seventies.

8. Hannibal LecterSilence of the Lambs was the first psychopath movie I ever saw. It redefined what a bad guy was supposed to be. Anthony Hopkins became a legend that year.

Godzilla!9. Godzilla – Childhood love! I was infatuated with Godzilla, wizards, and Kung Fu Theater. I wish there would be an amazing remake of Godzilla that’s actually scary.

10. Marilyn Manson – Okay, so it’s a little bit tongue-in-cheek, but the cover of Mechanical Animals is one of the freakiest things I have seen … and something I never want to see in real life! Secondly, that is one of my favorite rock albums of all time. Plus, I think if he were reading this, he would smile.

Check out the video for “Monster” below. Along with Cooper on lead vocals, Skillet’s remaining members are Korey Cooper (John’s wife) on electronic keyboard, rhythm guitar, backing vocals, and synthesizer; Ben Kasica on lead guitar; and Jen Ledger on drums and backing vocals.

Pick up your copy of Awake from the EvilShop below or iTunes. You can catch Skillet on the “Awake and Alive Tour” with Hawk Nelson, Decyfer Down, and The Letter Black. Be sure to visit their official site and MySpace page for more details.

John Cooper of Skillet Shares His Top Ten Monsters

Our thanks to John and Skillet and to Ben at Total Assault for coordinating this feature for us.

Debi Moore

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  • The Butcher

    For the record, and to seriously counter the darkestshadow, I want to be clear that I don’t think a band has to be “brOOtal” or full on metal to warrant coverage on a horror site. This or any other one. Yep, there are more heavy bands that do the horror thing, tonally the music fits and the musicians who play heavy ass music many times tend to be horror fans, if not fanatics. But there are also a TON of electronic, ambient, experimental, etc bands doing some seriously horror influenced work. There is a lot of very well done and extremely dark music out there right now.

    And as Debbie said, it’s apparently as easy as contacting the site. Too bad more of them don’t realize that. I’ll be letting the cronies know.

    And to explain darkestshadow, I’m not saying the band SKILLET doesn’t deserve to be listened to, or that somebody is a dumb ass because they enjoy them…it’s just weird that a completely non horror band gets featured on a horror specialty site. Now I know why. The dude wrote in, he’s pushing his band, and he was accomodated. That’s because DC and it’s staff are nice people. Really really nice.
    And to further clarify, I indeed HAVE an opinion and am very much going to voice it, as I have every right too. So put your cynicism away man, and go back and have fun listening to SKILLET…or EVANESENCE…or ORNETTE COLEMAN (though I doubt you’d be into him)…or BARBERA STREISAND (something tells me you might reallllly be into her)…or whatever you’re into.

  • AriesofPitt

    I have never heard of this band Skillet. This song is catchy. I gave the other songs a few secs each and I’m game. I have a 12 disc player in my car so I think I’m gonna demote one of those 12, grab their CD, and give it a listen for awhile.Oh, and I think the dark haired female is absolutely georgeous, and you HAVE to love a woman that can rock!! Haha. I’d check them out if they played Pittsburgh. I checked their site I see they’re in Texas now so guess I’ll keep a look out.

  • The Butcher

    I ask this question respectfully, but why are bands like SKILLET being pushed here when bands like GHOUL are completely ignored?

    SKILLET has nothing at all to do with horror. Do we really need a payola based middle-of-the-road faux-hawk sporting musician telling us what monsters are cool? Let’s ask the dudes from CREED next. LOL.

    I could make a laundry list of bands that deserve a push here, who are both good AND have at least something to do with horror.

    • The Woman In Black

      The bands who approach us either directly or through their management with ideas of content for the site are the ones we cover. We’d love to do more, especially for those who have more obvious horror ties, but honestly, no one on the staff has time to run them down and try to figure out some sort of tie-in. If you have contact with others that you feel are more deserving, then get us some content from them and/or write up a story, and we’ll run it. It’s really just that simple.

      • The Butcher


        Thanks Debbie. That’s why I asked. 🙂

        One realllly cool thing is these bands ARE contacting Dread Central. That’s a wonderful sign of the visibility and rep of the site. A serious and heartfelt congrats on that. You and Steve (and everyone else!) work really hard, and everything DC is has been earned.

    • thedarkestshadow

      Yeah you’re right. We should let you tell us which bands are good and deserve to be pushed ::rolls eyes:: Get over yourself.

      • The Butcher

        You miss my point COMPLETELY. And who is “us”? The site? Or people in general?

        I’m rolling my eyes right back at you.

        Neener neener I’ve got a bigger weiner, and I boned your girlfriend twice the last time I seen her!

        *raspberry sound*

  • doubleh55

    I can vouch for Skillet. Just saw their concert in Chicago last night and it was great. I never thought I’d be into a Christian Rock band but they’re pretty awesome.