Death Kappa Preparing to Stomp Tokyo

Death Kappa Preparing to Stomp TokyoMedia Blaster’ Fever Dreams label may be best known for splatteriffic Japanese insanity like Machine Girl and Tokyo Gore Police but now they’re about to embark on bringing an old school giant monster movie to life with Tomoo Haraguchi, f/x whiz and director of Sakuya Yokaiden and the Kibikichi samurai werewolf flicks, at the helm. Look out world; here comes Death Kappa!

Twitch brings us word of Death Kappa, as well as the teaser trailer below that shows off some of Haraguchi’s miniature work that will be used in the film, a film that will shun modern computer-effects technology in favor of recreating daikaiju mayhem the way Eiji Tsuburaya used to make it. Haraguchi is also familiar with this craft having done creature effects work on Gamera: Guardian of the Universe and its first follow-up, Gamera 2: Avent of Legion. We also get a peek at the Death Kappa itself, a giant-sized version of a Yokai demon. In the video, a virtual love letter to fans of Godzilla, Gamera, and other men in rubber suits monster movie from Haraguchi himself (subtitled in English), we get a look at the still-on-paper design of a second monster that will appear to wage war with the Death Kappa in downtown Tokyo.

Death Kappa is still clearly in the early stages but is definitely going to be one to keep an eye out for as production ratchets up. Be sure to check out that promotional video to hear from Tomoo Haraguchi himself why he’s making the movie and for a peek of what’s to come.

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  • Vermithrax

    Good man Haraguch! Speak up for the fans! Now if only Toho had ears to listen, right not all they hear is Hayao Miyazaki…followed closely by a “cha-ching”.