My Name is Bruce

My Name is Poster

The jury is still out on when we'll see The Chin's latest project My Name is Bruce hitting theatres or stores (“Bruce Talks Home Invasion” – November 2007), but it is always a good sign when the PR starts rolling heavy down the road.

My Name is Bruce Trailer!

We last gave you word on My Name is Bruce a scant two weeks ago ("Bruce Talks Home Invasion" – November 2007) and now the claims of them “madly racing” to finish the film have been justified. Reader "chainsaw" dropped us a heads-up today that the trailer for My Name is Bruce found its way onto YouTube and you can check it out below! Hopefully some solid release news will follow shortly, stick around!

Bruce Talks Home Invasion

The people over at Home Media Magazine recently sat down to chat with cult hero Bruce Campbell about his current and future plans. While there are not real big revelations to be had, we do get a few bits of much needed information regarding DVDs and releases. Check out part of the interview below.

My Name is Bruce Headed Home?

Well it’s a minor update, but since My Name is Bruce is one of my must-see movies of 2007 (maybe 2008 if they don’t hurry up), it’s worth mentioning.

Bruce Goes Theatrical

Bruce Campbell’s going to be on your TV screen again soon, playing a sidekick character in a new show called "Burn Notice"; hopefully this one will last longer than some of the shows the man actually starred in, too.

More Bruce!

The boys who believe their news is cool, AICN, just got their dirty mitts on a brand new exclusive pic from the upcoming Dark Horse Entertainment flick My Name is Bruce. Below is a tease (guess which shirt is Bruce’s!), but if you click on it, you shall be treated to the entire thing! Look for My Name is Bruce, directed by and starring Bruce Campbell, this February!

New Look at Bruce!

Bruce in action! Gotta love it.

Campbell News That's Mmm Mmm Good!

It may not be much, but I see it as a good sign that things are moving forward for Don Coscarelli’s planned Bubba Ho-Tep prequel, Bubba Nosferatu.

First Look at My Name is Bruce

Just last week we heard that shooting on My Name is Bruce, the new film directed by Bruce Campbell in which he plays himself, called to a town to defeat evil by those who can’t differentiate reality from fiction, had wrapped. Over the weekend AICN got the first pic from it, which you can see below. Yep, that’s the one and only Ted (The Mighty) Raimi in the role of Wing, caretaker of Guan-di, the Chinese God of War, who is the main baddy Bruce will be facing in the flick. Sounds like a blast so far!

Sandweiss & Campbell Divorce

In a recent chat with one of the gooey denizens of Fangoria, former Evil Dead star Ellen Sandweiss made mention of a role she just finished up for her Dead co-star Bruce Campbell, that of his ex-wife in the highly anticipated My Name is Bruce.

Campbell, Bruce (My Name is Bruce)

If there's one guy out there whom we can always count on to kick some demon ass should the need arise, it would probably be Bruce Campbell. Strangely enough, that's also the