Mary Doe

Zombie Flick Mary Doe Needs Dough!

It's not every project that gets Tom Savini to record a Kickstarter promotional video for them, but the folks behind Mary Doe did just that. These guys are going big time and are looking to raise funds to create their vision.

Tom Savini Paints the Screen Red for Two Aussie Films

Tom Savini got his start in the film business by creating some of the greatest F/X work horror movie fans have ever seen. As his career expanded, he left behind the latex and Karo syrup and began creating characters in a different manner ... by portraying them on screen. While that's cool and we love some of Tom's characters, we've been hungry for him to get back to F/X work.

Zombie Project Mary Doe Continues to Flesh Out with the Help of Tom Savini

A bit more has come in regarding Nick Nicolaou's upcoming independent zombie effort Mary Doe, and we have every bit of the latest stuff here for your perusal. Dig it!

Getting Bloody with Tom Savini on the Set of Mary Doe

While Nick Nicolaou's upcoming independent zombie effort Mary Doe is a bit on the confusing side in terms of how it's all coming together, one thing is for certain ... with the addition of the great Tom Savini, Nicolaou and company are certainly headed in the right direction!

Head into the Undead Zone with Mary Doe

A new indie zombie project entitled Mary Doe, the first entry in a planned trilogy, is officially on the horizon from filmmaker Nick Nicolaou, and the project has piqued our interest due to its unique approach of using the Left 4 Dead video game engine to create a zombie-filled landscape in which to tell its tale.