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Lights Camera Slaughter key art 336x189 - Lights, Camera, Slaughter is Grimy Backwoods Horror at Its Best
June 18, 2021

We got a chance to talk to the developer behind Lights, Camera, Slaughter, a PlayStation styled horror game currently available

GHOSTS Title Card with Cast 1920x1080 336x189 - Ghosts KickStarter Campaign Reaches $100,000
April 28, 2021

FMV horror game Ghosts has reached over $100,000 on Kickstarter, looking to tell the story of The Long Woman

Andrew Bowser 1 336x189 - How You Can Help the "Weird Satanist Guy" Make a Horror Comedy Feature Film
March 24, 2021

Michelle Swope tells us how we can support filmmaker Andrew Bowser's next project!

Worship 1 336x189 - Praise Your Dark God in Worship, On Kickstarter Now
March 9, 2021

Why make a cult if you're not going to summon an old god on the side? Support Worship on Kickstarter