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Trailer for Telltale Games' The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4 Found Amid the Ruins

"Amid the Ruins," Episode 4 of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead Season 2, arrives for download starting next week, and we have the full rollout schedule for you along with a trailer.

Nintendo to Stream New Fatal Frame / Project Zero on July 17th

In North America Nintendo has long been the company that horror forgot. While Xbox and Playstation owners have been lauding the giggling glee of zombie slaughter and cowering in fright while curled up with a survival horror game, Wii U owners have been left primarily frightless.

Raiden Is Revealed as the Next Mortal Kombat X Character

During the grand finals of the Injustice competition at the Evo tournament, NetherRealm revealed the next fighter on the Mortal Kombat X roster: the thunder god Raiden.

CD Projekt Red and Dark Horse Present The World of The Witcher Companion Book

CD Projekt Red and Dark Horse Comics have announced The World of The Witcher, an essential companion to The Witcher video game series, which is heading our way in early 2015. Read on for the details!

The Evil Within to Be Censored in Japan

Survival horror master Shinji Mikami’s upcoming game The Evil Within will be censored in Japan. This was done in an effort to lessen the game’s CERO Z (18 and up) rating to a CERO D (17 and up) rating to ultimately improve sales and marketing.

Fans Vote on the Collector's Edition Bonuses for Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 delivered the most genuinely entertaining trailer at this year’s E3. The short video of a man transforming into one of the undead during a jog in the sun was one of the highlights of Sony’s press conference.

Sharknado: The Video Game Coming to iOS; New Book Also Available Now

The stampede of B-movie glory that is Sharknado stampedes on as the schlock masterpiece expands into the video game market with Sharknado: The Video Game for iOS. The trade paperback How to Survive a Sharknado and Other Unnatural Disasters is available now.

Pre-Order Alien Isolation to Play as Original Cast Members; Sigourney Weaver Returns as Ellen Ripley!

You are hiding in a locker and keep telling yourself, "Breathe slow, breathe slow." But it’s hard to stay calm when all you can see is a gigantic tail laboring across the floor in front of you, attached to a body that craves your mortal coil with a need only known by crackheads at 6 am.

The Wolf Among Us: Episode Five Gets a New Teaser Trailer and July Release Date

"Is this any good?" I hand over the graphic novel, a novice with alt. comics. Brad, the bear of a man and small town comic book store owner, nods approvingly, "It’s great." I look a little reserved; as a student, I didn’t have money for bad comics, but Brad persisted.

The Walking Dead Coming to Next-Gen Consoles

Zombie fans who had sold their last-gen consoles in anticipation of last year’s hardware upgrade were left in the cold when it came to the last-gen only release of Seasons One and Two of The Walking Dead.

Escape Dead Island to Lurk Onto Consoles and PC this Fall

Developer Deep Silver has announced that the next installment in the Dead Island franchise, Escape Dead Island, will be available this fall. The game will bridge the gap between Dead Island and the upcoming next-gen title Dead Island 2.

The Witcher Battle Arena Announced for Mobile Devices

The countdown to late February and the release of The Witcher 3 is on. I know it’s a long way away, but CD Projekt Red, developer of The Witcher series, has, in the words of Ween, "left a little something to help the time go by."

Dragon Age: Inquisition Will Feature Bioware's First Gay Male Character

Toronto’s biggest street party is raging. Church Street is a mix of unity, unabashed nudity, and massive doses of ecstasy and cocaine. Happy world pride!

8-Bit Kill Bill Game Will Gouge Your Eyes Out!

It’s 3AM and you are torn. Should you watch both volumes of Kill Bill or breathe new life into your geriatric NES and fire up Bad Dudes? This is the question that drove Buddah insane. But fret not for CineFix has saved your sanity in the form of 8-Bit Cinema’s Kill Bill (Vols. 1 and 2).

Trailer Teases Fatal Frame Movie Adaptation

Originally released in 2001, it was pretty clear right off the bat that the Japanese survival horror game Fatal Frame was ripe for a terrifying feature film adaptation. Over a decade later and after a few sequels, it's finally happening; and we've got your first look today!