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Metro 2033 (Video Game)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Available for the PC and Xbox 360 (reviewed) Published by THQ Claustrophobia: claus·tro·pho·bi·a (klô'strə-fō'bē-ə) n. An abnormal fear of being in narrow or enclosed spaces.

Two New Gameplay Videos: Calling

We've been talking about Hudson Entertainment's latest horror title for the Nintendo Wii, Calling, for a couple of weeks (expect a review soon), and now that we've had a chance to spend some time with the title, we can happily confirm ... yeah ... it can be pretty friggin' spooky!

Deadly Premonition (Video Game)

Reviewed by Mr. Dark Available for the Xbox 360 Published by Ignition Entertainment I'd like to say, up front, that I am man enough to recognize and admit my mistakes. That, dear reader, was a terrible, terrible mistake.

New Gore Drenched Images from Namco's Splatterhouse

Before Resident Evil ... before Alone in the Dark ... before, hell, Ghouls’ N Ghosts and just about everything else ... there was Splatterhouse -- the original bloodcurdling epic video game featuring a hockey-masked killer with a bigass 2x4 that took the Turbografx 16 and Sega Genesis by storm. Namco just sent over some new screenshots of its upcoming redux of the popular horror game from back in the day, and wow, they look pretty damned sweet and pretty damned violent! Bless you, Namco. Bless you!

New Image Gallery: Namco's Clash of the Titans - The Video Game

Nowadays just about every blockbuster movie has its own video game adaptation waiting in the wings, and Clash of the Titans is no different. Today Namco sent us over a bunch of screenshots from the game featuring Perseus fighting all manner of baddies -- some new and some we have seen before. Could these newer creatures make it into the movie? We'll find out on April 2nd when Louis Leterrier's film hits theatres.

Cornered By an Angry Ghost? Check out our Calling Walkthrough

With Hudson Entertainment's Calling now in stores, we figured we'd give avid gamers out there a hand by offering up a game walkthrough to help you guys through the rough patches!

Calling Launch Trailer Brings the Digital Spooks

Just a few days ago we told you about the new survival horror shocker Calling, which was due out on March 16th! Good news, gamers ... you can get your hands on it RIGHT NOW in stores, and we've got a look at the launch trailer for you!

Exclusive Developer Q&A: Aliens vs. Predator

Recently we had a chance to run a few questions by the development team behind the recent release of the new Aliens vs. Predator game, and though the guys over at Rebellion remained kind of tight-lipped regarding what was ahead, they did offer a little bit of insight as to what's going on now that the game is out and what we can expect in the coming weeks and months.

Steam FINALLY Loves Mac

After years of pissing and moaning (mostly from me), today Valve announced it will FINALLY bring gaming engines Steam and Source to the Mac, and the BEST news of all? Steam and Valve's library of games including Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike, Portal, and the Half-Life series will be available in April.

New Contest Will Allow You to Get Dismembered in Dead Space 2

Visceral Games, an Electronic Arts Inc. studio, has announced a new contest where one lucky winner will get to create content for the actual finished Dead Space 2 product!

Sharpen Your Shank for New XBLA / PSN Title From EA

Revenge is a dish best served bloody and violent. And that's exactly the way you are gonna get it when EA and Klei Entertainment shove their Shank into you and your video game loving mind!

EA Games to Slap Us With a DeathSpank!

There's something so fulfilling about that headline we're not sure how to put our fingers on it. I guess it's that the word DeathSpank conjures a myriad of things in one's imagination. But will it make a good game? We're thinking yes!

Warner Brothers Bringing Us Space Invaders: The Motion Picture

What once was old is new again, at least as far as movies based on video games. Universal is developing an Asteroids movie. Fox is developing a Missile Command movie. Producers have been trying to get a big screen Joust and Pac-Man movie off the ground for years now.

Calling Set to Haunt Your Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii gamers still hungry for horror after the lackluster Cursed Mountain and the abysmal Ju-on: Haunted House Simulator are getting another crack at true horror with Hudson Entertainment's Calling. The best part? It's out on March 16th. Talk about under the radar.

Deadly Premonition - The Most WTF Gaming Experience Ever?

Just about everyone on staff here at Dread Central is an avid gamer. Recently we got our hands on a review copy of Ignition Entertainment's Deadly Premonition, and for the first time in like forever we've been rendered pretty much speechless.