Hallow Pointe

Take a Bite Out of the New Trailer and Teaser Poster for Hallow Pointe

We all feel a little wolfen now and then…and we have a couple of goodies to put that snarl in your growl. Dig the new trailer and teaser poster for the upcoming werewolf joint Hallow Pointe.

AFM 2011: Ambitious Sales Trailer for Hallow Pointe

Seeing a poster for a movie can surely give you an idea about what a film is about. Seeing things in motion, though? That's when the magic happens. Strap in for some good old fashioned werewolf mayhem, dearest reader, and check out the sales trailer for Thomas J. Churchill's Hallow Pointe.

AFM 2011: Hallow Pointe Sales Art Starts Howling

More werewolf themed mayhem is coming our way courtesy of DC's own Joe Knetter and director Thomas Churchill. Saddle up, kids! It's time to grab a genre-centric cast and head out to Hallow Pointe!

Predator Producer Shot By a Hallow Pointe

It's been a while since we last spoke about the indie werewolf flick Hallow Pointe written by our own Joe Knetter, but there's been some pretty exciting movement as of late and that means it's time to share the details with you, our favorite fellow freaks!

Hallow Pointe Takes Aim for 2011 Release; New Teaser Art!

2010 has been a little light on the horror scene thus far, but 2011 is shaping up quite nicely. Dead of Night Films just sent out a press release for its upcoming film Hallow Pointe, which features a genre heavy cast (including myself) and some teaser art! Dig it!

First News / Cast: Joe Knetter's Hallow Pointe

Our own Joe Knetter has been on a roll this year, this time writing and starring in another terrifying tale that has so far attracted one hell of a genre-centric cast. Sit back, dear readers, and get ready to take in the strange goings on at Hallow Pointe.