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Pretty Boy Banner 336x189 - BLIND Sequel PRETTY BOY World Premiering at Popcorn Frights on Friday, August 13th
July 20, 2021

PRETTY BOY, the sequel to BLIND, will enjoy its world premiere at Popcorn Frights on Friday, August 13th!

Pretty Boy Banner 336x189 - Check Out the New Poster and Images from BLIND Sequel PRETTY BOY
May 3, 2021

We've got a new poster and some choice images from the sequel to BLIND, PRETTY BOY, to share with you

Land Of The Dead Banner 336x189 - George A. Romero's TWILIGHT OF THE DEAD Is Now In the Works
May 1, 2021

Suzanne Romero is making moves to complete her husband's final film, a conclusion to the NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD

Pfretty Boy Banner 336x189 - Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Pics from BLIND Sequel PRETTY BOY!
March 25, 2021

Check out our exclusive behind-the-scenes pics from PRETTY BOY, the upcoming sequel to BLIND!

Pretty Boy Banner 336x189 - It's Going to Be a Valentine's Day Massacre! BLIND Sequel PRETTY BOY Just Wrapped
February 16, 2021

Look out for a Valentine's Day massacre! BLIND sequel PRETTY BOY just wrapped and we've got some awesome images to

Blind Banner 336x189 - BLIND Review--Stylish Slasher is More Than Meets the Eyes
November 9, 2020

Starring Sarah French, Caroline Williams, and Tyler Gallant Written by Joe Knetter Directed by Marcel Walz There are several movies

Blind Banner 336x189 - New Trailer: Festival Hit BLIND (Starring Caroline Williams) Arriving November 3rd
October 17, 2020

The stylish slasher Blind will be available on DVD, iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, YouTube, Xbox, Fandango Now, Direct TV, Dish Network,

Blind Banner 336x189 - Hey Pretty Boy! UK Trailer for FrightFest 2020 Selection BLIND
July 29, 2020

Signature Entertainment and FrightFest are releasing Blind in the UK this November! The film gets a worldwide release in the

blindbanner 336x176 - BLIND Villain Pretty Boy Getting His Own Mask from Trick or Treat Studios
July 15, 2019

The next iconic villain of 21st Century horror may be Pretty Boy from Blind (directed by Marcel Walz). Last month,

blindbanner 336x176 - Los Angeles Residents Can Check Out a BLIND, a Film "As Beautiful as it is Deeply Unsettling”
June 28, 2019

Los Angeles area residents will have an opportunity to check out Blind at the Ahrya Fine Arts by Laemmle in

blindbanner 336x176 - Exclusive: BLIND Villain Pretty Boy Becomes A Creepy Action Figure!
June 18, 2019

Marcel Walz, the director of last year’s Blood Feast remake as well as Seed 2 and Rootwood, is back with

I Survivor Book 336x176 - Victor Crowley Survivor Andrew Yong's Autobiography I, Survivor Coming Soon
April 6, 2018

Those of you that saw Adam Green’s most recent Hatchet film Victor Crowley know that a good portion of the