BLIND Villain Pretty Boy Getting His Own Mask from Trick or Treat Studios

blindbanner 750x422 - BLIND Villain Pretty Boy Getting His Own Mask from Trick or Treat Studios

The next iconic villain of 21st Century horror may be Pretty Boy from Blind (directed by Marcel Walz). Last month, we reported that the slasher was getting his own action figure and, today, we’re learning that you can be Pretty Boy for Halloween with an officially licensed mask from Trick or Treat Studios!

The original mask was designed by Kenneth J. Hall (The Strangers mask designer, Critters and Puppet Master).

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Faye (Sarah French), a former actress that lost her vision due to botched laser eye surgery, struggles to put her life back together while living alone in her dream house in the Hollywood Hills. Supported by her friend Sophia (Caroline Williams), she starts opening up to Luke (Tyler Gallant), a personal trainer who is mute and can only communicate through his cell phone. When a masked stranger named Pretty Boy (Jed Rowen) shows up, Faye will realize that she isn’t as alone as she thinks.

About Trick or Treat Studios:
Trick or Treat Studios offers high-quality Halloween Masks, Costumes, Props, Weapons, Make-up, Appliances, and Accessories for Retailers, Distributors, Collectors, and Haunts. With original characters, monsters, and major licenses from comics, gaming, music, television, and film, Trick or Treat Studios is the go-to company for the best in the Costuming Industry. Incorporated in 2009, Trick or Treat Studios is dedicated to bringing back the retro / classic look and feel from the Golden Age of costume making; an era when high quality and classic designs ruled the industry. All of our products are 100% hand made, which includes sculpting, molding, casting, cutting, painting, sewing, and hairing, making each product a unique piece of art. Our worldwide distribution includes major Distributors, Brick and Mortar Retailers, Web-Based Retailers, Haunts, Amusement Parks and Direct to End Customers via our website.

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