The Weekend of Horrors Invades Chi-town!

With 2009 already in full swing horror-wise, you know that there's gonna be a lot of shows to get to in order to meet your favorite stars! And where better to start than the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors?

Introducing Fangoria Graphix!

The folks behind the now-defunct Fangoria Comics line have reunited to give it a go one more time, this time under the banner of Fangoria Graphix, according to a new blog posted on Fa

Watch It Live Online! Fangoria's Horror Charity Auction!

Got some cash laying around that you don't know what to do with? Wondering what to get the horror fans on your holiday shopping list while still contributing to a very good cause? Wonder no more!

Wanna See Mirrors for Free?

Fangoria just dropped some awesome news for those of us eagerly awaiting Alexandre Aja's ghost story Mirrors.

Event Report: Weekend of Horrors - June 2008

**UPDATE: A ton of pics have just been added to the WoH gallery, so be sure to check it out!**

Fangoria Con Returns to New York!

Our friends over at Icons of Fright got word that a familiar convention is making its way back to the Big Apple.

Updated: Child's Play Anniversary DVD!

**Scroll to the bottom for the update!** Great news out there for all you fans of tiny dolls that have been running amok due in part to demonic infestations!

Lark is First Fangoria Spooksmodel!

Can I pick ‘em or can I pick ‘em? As many of you regular Dreadites know, I have been a staunch supporter of one bloody beauty known as Shannon Lark. A horror chanteuse who does it all -- filmmaker, writer, actress, dancer, internet entrepreneur -- this gory gal is one bona fide killer.

Event Report: Fangoria Weekend of Horrors: April 25-28 2008

I'll never forget my first time, man. I was barely a teenager. After what (even at that young age) seemed like years of anticipation, the time had come for me to become a man.

Saw Game Gets Fresh Blood!

All right, this might possibly be the last news bit we’re able to pull out of the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors which, you have to admit, has been pretty fruitful in the news department this weekend. I don’t think I’ve updated on a Sunday this many times in all the years I’ve been doing this!

After Dark's Broken Horrorfest Plans

Wondering what After Dark Films has planned for this year’s Horrorfest? Amazed, considering the box office returns last year, that they’ll even be another? Yeah, me too, but you can’t help but give ‘em a little respect for not giving up!

Lynch Still on The Bridge

All right, so we just got yet more cool news from the Weekend of Horrors going down in LA right now, this time concerning one of our favorite up-and-coming directors, Wrong Turn 2’s Joe Lynch (pictured, looking fierce)!

Exclusive: Carnivale Creator Announces End of the World

Another bit of interesting news coming from the Weekend of Horrors, this time from Andrew Kasch. Daniel Knauf, best known as the creator of Carnivale, just announced his latest project; Exodus.

Duval is Cornered

Just got another bit of news from Creepy, currently holding down at the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors, this time about everyone’s favorite man in a bunny suit, James Duval. Duval told the WoH crowd that his next film is called Cornered!. It concerns a group of people trapped in a convenience store, stalked by a serial killer. During their down time they discuss how they themselves would dispatch the killer, only for them to be killed by the madman in the same ways.

Masters of Horror Skull Packaging!

Creepy checked in from the Weekend of Horrors again sometime throughout the night while I was resting, and sent along the pic you see below; Anchor Bay’s packaging for Masters of Horror: Season 2! Though I appreciated the “crypt case” Season One came in, this does seem far more appropriate. How they’ll be fitting the discs in there is, thankfully, not for me to figure out ... No word on a solid street date for it, either. Keep it here for more news from the Weekend of Horrors soon!