Cleavagefield (2009)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Brandee Schaefer, Amy Reid, Rebecca Love, Frankie Cullen, Lucia Santos, Julie K. Smith, Guy Green Directed by "Salvadore Ross" AKA Jim Wynorski Boobs. Big boobs. Small boobs. Natural boobs. Fake boobs. Boobs that engage in guy-on-girl sex. Boobs that engage in girl-on-girl sex. Boobs that engage in guy-on-girl-on-girl sex. Boobs acting like even bigger boobs.

Behold the Cleavagefield Monster!

People all over the web spent months speculating about what the Cloverfield monster would look like, salivating over every potential nugget of information and misinformation about its top secret appearance. Not so much the monster from Jim Wynorski's T&A spoof Cleavagefield, but just wait until you see this thing.

See How The Cleavagefield Trailer Stacks Up

Cloverfield (review) remains one the most divisive films of 2008. Some loved it. Others hated it. But I think we can all agree while there were plenty of boobs on the screen (the characters, I mean), they weren't the sort of boobs we'd have preferred. Cleavagefield looks to correct that jiggly oversight.