Cinéma vérité

Trespassers Getting Ready to Violate Your Cinematic Property

Yet another adaptation of a graphic novel is on its way to the big screen, and we've got all the details on what's next from the pages of your favorite horror print collection. Check it out!

More Loss of Life Goodies Hack Their Way Online

Just yesterday we brought you a series of one-sheets for Loss of Life that show off some a nefarious masked killer going to town on some unsuspecting folks with cameras. Today we have even more!

Put on Your Happy Face for Loss of Life

"Whatever happens ... don't stop filming!" If when confronted by a life or death situation someone actually says those words to us, we're knocking them out with the camera and running like hell. Of course that would never happen in the movies though. Speaking of which...

Find Footage by the Stone Marker

More found footage induced frights are headed your way, this time from veteran producer Suzanne DeLaurentiis and Clay Sharman. Read on for all of the current details surrounding the infamous Stone Marker.

A Clip from The River Episode 1.04 - A Better Man

ABC has released a clip from this week's upcoming Episode 1.04 of "The River", entitled "A Better Man", and we have it for you right here along with a teaser preview of the ep.

The Addicted Find Footage in the UK

SURPRISE! There are more found footage frights on the way! This time the tale of a recovering addict inside a haunted house in the UK is ready to be told. Or discovered. Please lord, don't let this be another all in his head flick.

The Graystone Ghosts Land Distribution at EFM

More good news is coming out of Berlin's big film dance known as EFM. ARC Entertainment and XLrator Media have landed domestic distribution for Sean Stone's found footage fright flick Graystone.

Lionsgate Finds Footage of Subject 17

Now here's an idea we can deal with. A found footage flick with Frankenstein-like elements to the story? Yeah, we're liking what we hear thus far. Read on for latest.

Marlon Wayans is a Smart Ass. Anyone Shocked?

Here's a surprise! Cinéma vérité style films rake in mucho box office dollars, and now one of the Wayans brothers want to spoof them! Who would have thunk it?!?!

Percept Pictures to Release Bollywood Found Footage Film Entitled ?

Not since Prince changed his name to that symbol thing have we been so flummoxed as to what to call something. In an attempt to keep the mystery surrounding a new found footage picture at a high, Indian film company Percept Pictures has decided to call its new film ?.

A New Clip from The River Sails You into Episode 3

A new clip from the next episode of ABC's "The River" has made its way online, and we've scooped it up for you. The show, which has been met with mixed reaction, is still in its infancy so it's too early to call just how successful it's poised to be.

McG Chases Storms for Syfy

The Syfy channel and director McG. For whatever reason those things sound so right together. Like they were meant to be. And now finally they are almost together.

The River Does Well But Falls Short

ABC's "The River" premiered last night to curious audiences, and we've got the word on whether it sank or swam. Read on for the latest details on your terror tube!

More Wer Details Surface

Everywhere you go for news about Wer, they always say that the plot is being kept under wraps. Everywhere, that is, except for the horror new sites, who'll no doubt be ignored by the mainstream press.

FilmDistrict Looks to Wer to Deliver Chills and Box Office Dollars

Given the success of The Devil Inside (at least in its first week), we knew it wouldn't be long until the next project from the duo behind that flick would score some support.