Cinéma vérité

Watch the Opening 6 Minutes of The Upper Footage

Way back in 2011, the bizarre story broke that Quentin Tarantino had purchased video footage of a young girl overdosing on drugs. Word was that Tarantino was going to release all of the footage as a movie, which was to be titled Upper. Now you can see the movie for yourself, starting with the opening!

UK Takes a Trip To Willow Creek This Month

The buzz surrounding Bobcat Goldthwait's Willow Creek (review) has been massive throughout the past year, and thanks to Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment, UK horror fans will get to see what it's all about when it hits DVD on May 26 following a limited theatrical run from May 2.

Lucky Bastard Comes On VOD

The much talked about NC-17 flick Lucky Bastard is coming home to VOD on May 15th so you know what that means! Yep, grab your tissues, a good tarp, maybe even a Tyvek suit. You just can't be too careful!

An Apocalyptic New Found Footage Film

Okay... I gotta ask... given the reaction to found footage films lately I have to wonder... who's looking for these things? Where are they finding them? Still, though 95% of this sub-genre is lame overdone nonsense, there is a good 5% that kick ass. Will Apocalyptic be in the minority?

Visit Willow Creek In NYC on June 6th!

We told you that the sliver of sasquatchploitation from Bobcat Goldthwait known as Willow Creek (review) has scored itself some domestic distribution via Dark Sky Films, and now we have some release details for ya!

Are You Ready to Face: A Frat Party Massacre?

Thus far we've found footage from haunted asylums, haunted forests, haunted houses, and wrecked cities but never really anything from a party gone horribly awry. That's about to change with Face: A Frat Party Massacre.

Eduardo Sanchez Teases Potential Blair Witch Project Sequel

Back in 1999 Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Myrick introduced the world to The Blair Witch Project, one of the most influential horror films of all time. Though it was, of course, followed up with a sequel, the duo had nothing to do with it...

Maniac Remake Director Haunting Amityville

A director is in talks for the latest Amityville film, Amityville (formerly known as The Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes), and it's a great one! Look for Amityville to be in theatres on January 2, 2015.

Enter the Suicide Forest to See a Trailer for Spirit in the Woods

We haven't heard much about Spirit in the Woods since August of 2013, but with the found footage film getting a March 15th VOD release from Gravitas Ventures, a new official trailer has arrived.

CONTEST CLOSED! Some Lucky Bastard Is Going to Win Premiere Tickets and a Signed Poster!

The much talked about NC-17 flick Lucky Bastard is gearing up for release in New York City this weekend, just in time for Valentine's Day, and we have your chance to win tickets to the flick along with a signed poster! Read on for details.

Meet the Lucky Bastard in Pair of Red Band Clips

The much talked about NC-17 flick Lucky Bastard is gearing up for release in New York City this weekend, just in time for Valentine's Day. Because nothing says love like a found footage film about a dude banging his favorite porn star, am I right?

Lucky Bastard Trailer Is Less Than a Minute Man

A new trailer is here for the upcoming cinéma vérité effort Lucky Bastard, which managed to garner itself the dreaded NC-17 rating, and it's short and to the point. Kind of like a quickie minus the clean-up and need to pee afterwards. Check it out.

Sasquatch Strikes in Found Footage Flick Cheaha

In the fall of 2010, two hikers set off into the forest of Mt. Cheaha, Alabama, never to return again... So begins the latest in a nauseatingly long string of found footage films, this one written and directed by Ron Hudson and centering around our old friend Sasquatch.

International Artwork for 1666 Starts Screaming

Way back in October of 2011 was when we first told you about the upcoming found footage spooker 1666. Here we are several years later, and we finally have some artwork for you to tear into and more.