Set Visit Report: Chatting with the Leading Ladies of Carrie - Star Chloe Moretz and Director Kimberly Peirce

Last August Dread Central had the opportunity to head up to Toronto, Canada, to visit the set of Screen Gems' upcoming remake of Carrie, and here's Part 1 of our Set Report.

San Diego Comic-Con 2013: It's Going to Be a Banner and Bloody Year for Carrie

Just in time for the big dance in San Diego, the official convention banner for Carrie has hit the interwebs courtesy of Yahoo! Movies! Check it out; it's pretty damned wicked!

New Carrie Still Causes 7 Years of Bad Luck

A new still from this week's Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con issue has surfaced for Carrie, and we have it right here on tap for ya! Be careful though; incessant staring could very well cause you several years of bad luck.

Carrie Graces the Cover of EW's San Diego Comic-Con Issue

This week's Entertainment Weekly is going to be a special monster-sized SDCC edition, and it's kicking things off properly by putting Chloe Moretz on one of its covers in promotion of Carrie. Check it out!

New Carrie Image Contacts Mom and Plugs it Up

Anyone familiar with the story of Carrie knows that something awful happens to the poor girl in the shower amidst a sea of laughing classmates. Screen Gems just released a new animated image that answers Carrie White's call for help!

Submit Your Carrie Fan Art Now or They're All Gonna Laugh at You

Are you an artist? Is your favorite color red? Do you love psychokinetic psychopaths? If you answered "YES" to any of those questions, then now is your time to show off! The Carrie Fan Art Tumblr site has officially launched.

Three New Bits of Carrie Art!

Excited for Kim Peirce's new take on the Stephen King classic Carrie? Then you're gonna want to check out these three new pieces of artwork, which include the Scandinavian poster. Know her name!

Carrie Pulls Up to Prom in New Still

The wonderful thing about this new still from Carrie is that even though Ms. White is the one who looks scared in it, we know the bloody terror she's actually set to unleash. Lord, we cannot wait. Check it out!

New Carrie Motion Poster Gets Things Shakin'

Friday is here, it's Memorial Day Weekend, and we're all but checked out just like the rest of you cats. But before you start packing your coolers and firing up your grills, we have a new motion poster on tap for you from the upcoming flick Carrie! Dig it!

Carrie Shows Her Momma Some Mother's Day Love

Margaret White has an extraordinary relationship with her daughter, Carrie. So much so that the supernatural little scamp has created this wonderful animated Mother's Day card just for her! Check it out!

New UK Carrie Poster Stares into Your Soul

A new one-sheet for the upcoming remake of the Stephen King classic tale of Carrie has arrived from our friends across the pond. Yes, it's not exactly anything we haven't seen, but hey... it's Wednesday. Don't know what that has to do with anything, but whatever, ya know?

New Carrie Stills Usher You Through the Crowd

Two new official stills from the upcoming remake of the Stephen King classic tale of Carrie have arrived, and they're home to one big bad mama. Check out the goodies right here, and whatever you do... don't laugh at this chick!

40 Faces of Fear in Carrie Trailer Image Gallery

The trailer for Carrie has arrived and we've watched it up, down, and sideways. Along the way we also nabbed you a boatload of stills. Sit back, and be on your best behavior or else.... THEY'RE ALL GONNA LAUGH AT YOU!

The Official Trailer for Carrie Arrives!

No more waiting. No more teasing. You wanted the whole trailer for Carrie? Well now you've got it! Get those buckets of pig's blood ready, kids! Oh, and you may wanna have a fire extinguisher on hand too!

Carrie Trailer Tomorrow! Carrie Trailer Teaser NOW!

It's kind of a no-brainer that Sony will be releasing the first full trailer for Carrie at the same time Evil Dead is heading into theatres. While the whole enchilada will be here tomorrow, you can dig on a sneak peek of it now courtesy of Entertainment Tonight!