AFM 2011

AFM 2011: International Sales Art for Emergo

Our friends at Aullidos nabbed the Spanish sales art for Buried director Rodrigo Cortes' next film entitled Emergo, and we have it for you right here along with yesterday's American art.

AFM 2011: Prey You Have Nothing to Fear

And here we go again. Strap in, folks, as it's time for another barrage of AFM goodness; and we've got tons of stuff on tap for you today beginning with some new sales art for Nothing to Fear.

AFM 2011: Settle in for Some Hong Kong Ghost Stories

You know, we were just wondering to ourselves, "Where the hell is all the Asian horror this year?" Of course soon after that we came across some so here ya go! See how weird life can be sometimes?

AFM 2011: Walk Through the Forest of The Wicked

Time to add a bit more witchery to your AFM coverage as we have another look at the upcoming flick The Wicked for you! Hold the pointy hat, of course. That's just been done too many times.

AFM 2011: Super Early Sales Art for Rodgrigo Cortes' Emergo

A couple of days ago we told you about the next film from Buried director Rodrigo Cortes, entitled Emergo, and now we have some unfortunately low-res sales art to share. We'll see if we can get you a better look, but this should do for now.

AFM 2011: Kevin Pollak Joins Columbus Circle

Some quick casting news coming out of AFM. Kevin Pollak has joined the previously announced Selma Blair, Amy Smart, Jason Lee, Giovanni Ribisi and Beau Bridges for George Gallo's thriller Columbus Circle.

AFM 2011: Horror Wears a Hardhat

Director John Travers is in pre-production on a new slasher flick featuring a killer who's a bit safety conscious! Have we ever had a killer construction worker flick before? Well, then! There's a first time for everything!

AFM 2011: Claustrophobia Art Sets In

Time for things to get mucho uncomfortable as the walls close in on the sales art for Harlan Schneider's new tale of terror and Claustrophobia! Read on for details, but be warned! Breathing room is sparse!

AFM 2011: Terror Takes up Residence in The Guest Room

Even more sales art is here for you horror-loving hounds looking to sniff out all the latest and greatest terrors. Next up to bat is some eye candy for The Guest Room. Check it out!

AFM 2011: Spend Your Anniversary at Shallow Creek

Some more sales art has come forth from AFM, this time for Jon D. Wagner's The Anniversary at Shallow Creek starring Eric Fischer, Brianna Lee Johnson, Katharine Brandt, Annie Burgstede and Anthony Campanello.

AFM 2011: Charisma Carpenter Is a Ringer All Her Own in Deadly Sibling Rivalry

Just what is it with all these "Buffy" folks involving themselves in projects that feature evil twins? Hell, even Xander has gone that route, but at least he's the only one who really has a twin! Either way ... more sales art!

AFM 2011: New Sales Art for Gangsters, Guns and Zombies Shambles In

Time to whet your zombie loving appetite! Next on tap for you fiends who can't get enough of the undead is the early sales art for Gangsters, Guns and Zombies. Read on for the eye candy and all of the details.

AFM 2011: Demonic New Stills From The Devil's Rock

We've all been waiting patiently to park our collective asses upon The Devil's Rock. It's been a while, but it is coming. In the interim dig on these new stills.

AFM 2011: Sales Art for Frankenstein's Army Marches In

It feels as if we've been talking about Richard Raaphorst's Frankenstein's Army for ages already. Still, with a little luck and a shooting schedule that's to begin in 2012, maybe we'll actually see it! In any event ... new art! Dig it!

AFM 2011: Another Look at 13 Eerie!

A few days ago we brought you the very first bit of artwork for the upcoming horror flick 13 Eerie, which features one hell of a snarling creature staring at you. Today we have another look at the beast!