Aaron Taylor-Johnson

New Godzilla One-Sheet Starts Tailgating!

A new one-sheet has arrived for Legendary Pictures Godzilla, and it focuses on Big G's least flattering sides. Check it out, and then stare at your calendar damning every single second, minute, hour, day, week until its release.

SXSW 2014 Crowd Reacts to Godzilla

Audiences at the South by Southwest Film Festival were treated to a special screening of the original Godzilla along with a special look at Legendary Pictures' upcoming entry into Big G's franchise. Check out the video proof!

Set Visit Coverage: Director Gareth Edwards Talks Godzilla from the Set!

With Legendary Picture’s upcoming feature Godzilla releasing wide on May 16, 2014, here’s the first part of our extensive coverage from the set: a lengthy interview with director Gareth Edwards.

New Godzilla Trailer and Stills Bring on the Beasts!

Will May just hurry the hell up and get here already?!? On tap right now are several new stills and a new international trailer for Legendary Pictures' upcoming take on Godzilla. Get your tissues ready, kids! These are some droolers!

Get Multiple Looks at the New Godzilla!

So you want a good... REALLY good look at the beast himself in Legendary Pictures' upcoming take on Godzilla? Well then, your prayers have been answered as right now we have multiple looks at one of NECA's collectibles as well as the cover reveal for Godzilla: The Art of Destruction, which we first told you about last month.

Gareth Edwards Answers Some Monster-Sized Godzilla Questions

After showcasing what we hear was nothing short of an absolutely epic clip from Legendary Pictures' upcoming take on Godzilla at the SXSW Film Festival, director Gareth Edwards answered a few questions which have been lingering in the minds of fans.

Bryan Cranston Discovers a New Godzilla Image

Every time I look at anything from Legendary Pictures' upcoming take on Godzilla, only one question comes to mind: IS IT MAY YET? I know.... we've still got a wait ahead of us. For now, however, dig on this new still!

Godzilla's Origin Revealed; Textless Artwork!

Some possible spoilers follow as we take a look at yet another collectible from Legendary Pictures' upcoming take on Godzilla. Get ready for your first look at the MUST-HAVE Giant-Sized Godzilla. Be warned: One of the images speaks of the beast's origins. Read at your own risk!

Godzilla - Muto Kaiju Revealed

If Clovie from Cloverfield mated with Zigra from the Gamera franchise, you'd get a little monster called Muto, who happens to appear as Big G's adversary in Legendary Pictures' upcoming take on Godzilla. How do we know this? Good pictures of the upcoming Godzilla Destruction Toy Set!

Godzilla - First Look at the Muto Kaiju

In Legendary Pictures' upcoming take on Godzilla, Big G will be taking on a new beastie named Muto, who was briefly seen in the new trailer (sorry, it wasn't Rodan). Now, thanks to this look at the upcoming Godzilla Destruction Toy Set, we finally have a better glance at the beast.

Godzilla - Original Theatrical Dates Update; Clean Look at the Creature; More Toys; Atomic Breath Confirmed!

In honor of Legendary Pictures' take on Godzilla, we have a mega-update on tap for you guys which includes more screenings of the original Godzilla, new images of toys which confirm atomic breath, and a clean look at the beast!

Godzilla Madness! New Stills! New Size Chart! Trailer With Director's Commentary!

Empire Magazine is going all out with its coverage of Legendary Pictures' take on Godzilla. There's SO much to take in: new stills, a size chart that shows how this new Godzilla stacks up against previous incarnations, and even a commentary on the trailer with Gareth Edwards!

Godzilla Trailer Easter Egg Uncovered; The Mothra Twins Live?

We, like many of you, have not stopped watching the trailer for Legendary Pictures' take on Godzilla. There's SO much to take in, including a couple of things you may have missed. A tiny couple, in fact!

Best Look at New Godzilla Yet!

A second Empire Magazine cover has been unveiled featuring Legendary Pictures' Godzilla, and it offers up your best look at the beast yet! May cannot get here soon enough. Want. Now. Thanks.

Godzilla: 20 Eye-Popping Images from the New Trailer

Now that the orgasmic full official trailer for Legendary Pictures' Godzilla is here, we took the liberty of grabbing some screenshots that not only wowed us but also gave us our first glimpses of the creature Big G battles in the flick known as Muto. Check 'em out!