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March 20, 2021
2014’s GODZILLA is getting a 4K Ultra HD release on March 23rd! Check out the new trailer!
February 2, 2021
2014’s GODZILLA will be released on Ultra HD Blu-ray Combo Pack and Digital on March 23rd
March 31, 2019
In exactly two months, the world will once again shake under the mighty steps of Godzilla. The release of Godzilla: […]
August 17, 2018
A new still has been released for the upcoming Netflix period cult horror film Apostle, and it shows a rather […]
June 2, 2017
One of the main features of Godzilla is that his design has evolved over the years. Depending on which film […]
December 1, 2016
A long time ago… in a galaxy far, far away… before Darth Vader and the Empire proved to be the […]
May 13, 2016
While we wait for Toho’s Godzilla Resurgence, coming later this year, the 2014 American reboot of the franchise is soon […]
May 11, 2016
There’s a whole lot going on in the world of the Big G at the moment, as Toho’s Godzilla Resurgence […]
July 9, 2015
While tooling around the Legendary booth at Comic-Con, we ran into Legendary’s Barnaby Legg, the creator of the “Godzilla Encounter” […]
December 29, 2014
There are many unsung heroes of the movie business, and sound designers most definitely belong in that category, oftentimes using […]
September 15, 2014
Starring Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston, Aaron Johnson, Juliette Binoche, David Strathairn, Ken Watanabe, Richard T. Jones, Sally Hawkins, Victor Rasuk, […]
July 26, 2014
Post Thumb: /jul13/godzilla-poster-s.jpg In news likely to have the whole Dread Central office squealing with delight, Legendary Pictures confirmed today […]