Aaron Taylor-Johnson

New Godzilla Video Has Courage; International Spots Rise Up!

Three new videos have arrived for Godzilla including a new domestic spot which shows a ton of courage in the face of imminent monster-based carnage and two spots from our friends across the pond who get the movie a day before we do. Bastards.

New Godzilla Videos Do Whatever it Takes!

Two more videos have arrived for Godzilla; one which introduces you to director Gareth Edwards and another which has left us with a truly painful erection so big it could take on Big G itself! Check it 'em out! The videos, not the erection... though we're pretty sure you could see it from where you are.

We Can't Believe This New Godzilla Spot Is Happening!

Another video spot for Godzilla has stomped on in, and just like everything that has come before it, it's left us with our tongues wagging like a horny big bad wolf chasing a scantily clad adult Little Red Riding Hood.

Mondo Goes In-depth About Their Godzilla Poster

Mondo creative directors Rob Jones and Justin Ishmael sat with Legendary to discuss their passion for posters, love of the King of the Monsters, and how they decided to tackle a new Godzilla poster for SXSW 2014 with Phantom City Creative.

New Godzilla Video Can't Be Stopped!

Christmas in May is nearly here and it can't be stopped! Need proof? This new video in support of Legendary Pictures' take on Godzilla should more than do the trick for you. Please video gods... give us this now!

Godzilla Stomping in a Day Early?

According to The Moving Picture Company Effects Studio on Facebook, Godzilla screenings will commence one day earlier than expected in the UK, on May 15th. We're waiting for official confirmation but we figured we'd give ya the heads up!

New Godzilla Poster Demands to Know

Over the last two decades the leaders of our world have been lying to us non-stop. Spying, covering things up, you name it! Apparently the same is true in the world of Godzilla as this snazzy new one-sheet demands that we know the truth!

Godzilla Director Gareth Edwards Talks About His Top 3 Monsters

So what are the top monsters revered by the director of Legendary Pictures' Godzilla, Gareth Edwards? This new video should shed some light on the subject. If only it could make these weeks fly by faster! Check it out!

Set Visit Coverage: Producers Alex Garcia and Mary Parent Talk Godzilla from the Set

In this last article for our extensive coverage from my June, 2013 set visit to the Warner Bros. /Legendary production of Godzilla, executive producers Alex Garcia and Mary Parent weigh in on the Gareth Edwards-directed film, which is due in theaters May 16. Read on!

Godzilla Collectible Image Explosion - First Good Look at MUTO Monsters!

Two months. TWO MONTHS!! Several people have seen key scenes from the new Godzilla movie and are shouting to the heavens about it... but no... we poor schmucks have to wait two frakking more months to drink in all that destruction.

Set Visit Coverage: Actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson Talks Godzilla from the Set!

Not unlike the ‘Big G’ himself, our coverage is unstoppable! Up next is an interview with Aaron Taylor-Johnson from the set of Warner Bros. and Legendary’s upcoming May 16 release of Gareth Edward’s reinvention of Godzilla, stemming from our visit to the Vancouver set last June.

New Godzilla Poster Goes Full Frontal

Patrons of the electronics store FYE will be coming across their very own poster in support of Legendary Pictures' Godzilla, and we have your first look at it right here for you. Check it out. The weeks are ticking away...

A Banner Day for Godzilla

Another new one-sheet has arrived for Legendary Pictures' Godzilla, and this time it comes in banner form. Don't be surprised to see this baby hanging up in your local theatre from now until it comes out. That way you can take selfies of yourself drooling in public!

New Godzilla Poster Backs Up

Another new one-sheet has arrived for Legendary Pictures' Godzilla, and this time we get a hint of the creature's scale when standing next to a person! Is it movie accurate? Who knows, but we cannot question how badass it is!

Set Visit Coverage: Actor Bryan Cranston Talks Godzilla from the Set!

Last June we sat down on the Vancouver set of the then-shooting Godzilla with actor Bryan ‘Walter White’ Cranston to chat about the titular irradiated lizard, his lead character of ‘Joe Brody’ and more; and with the film’s embargo now lifted, here it is: Heisenberg talks the ‘Big G.’