Aaron Johnson

Elizabeth Olsen is Serious About Godzilla

Absolute Radio caught up with Elizabeth Olsen, who took a moment to talk about Gareth Edwards' upcoming take on the king of the monsters, Godzilla, and we really like what we're hearing.

Godzilla Casting Looking Good

More top-name talent is in talks to tango with the king of the monsters known as Godzilla, and we couldn't be happier about the actors circling their roles. Read on for the latest, and look for much more very soon.

Frank Darabont Talks Godzilla's Origins

Despite some nagging legal woes Legendary's new Godzilla film seems to be very much on track. In fact, according to screenwriter Frank Darabont, in the new film the big guy is nothing short of a force of nature. Read on for details.

Producers Still Trying to Stomp Godzilla Remake

After facing the likes of King Ghidorah, Rodan, Hedorah, Titanosaurus, and Mothra in every possible guise complete with tiny Japanese fairies, it kind of figures that Godzilla's greatest battle would take place in a courtroom.

Aaron Johnson on Short List for Godzilla Lead

While the producers and all parties concerned hash things out legally, Warner Brothers is already eying possible leading men for their upcoming American reboot of the Godzilla franchise. Read on for the latest.