The Lost World: Jurassic Park II

Exclusive Video Interviews: Dread Central's Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy Blu-ray Press Day Coverage

Ever since the Blu-ray format was introduced to the masses back in 2006, there is one series of films that has remained the "holy grail" of desired high definition releases: the Jurassic Park trilogy.

Blu-ray / DVD Trailer Debut - The Jurassic Park Trilogy

We know that you're excited about seeing the Jurassic Park trilogy on Blu-ray high definition in a few months, and we don't blame you one bit! The prospect of seeing The Lost World: Jurassic Park II's gymnastics sequence in full 1080p is just too good to resist! How about a trailer to further whet your appetite? From the Press Release

The Jurassic Park Trilogy Roars onto Blu-ray

Finally! All of the speculation is over. The moment dinosaur fans have been waiting for has arrived! The Jurassic Park trilogy is on its way to Blu-ray high definition, and we have every single detail ready and waiting for you right here! From the Press Release