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February 24, 2023
Steven Spielberg recently hinted at a return to the horror genre while accepting a Lifetime Achievement Award: “I’m not finished.”
Poltergeist Tobe Hooper
October 13, 2021
‘Poltergeist’ is a go-to horror classic with a terrifying score by Jerry Goldsmith to boot. Read more about the score on Dread Central.
JoBeth Williams and a real human skeleton in POLTERGEIST
July 14, 2021
The POLTERGEIST controversy divided Tobe Hooper and Steven Spielberg, but Mick Garris brought them back together!%%title%%
May 28, 2021
Renowned artist Graham Humphreys talks about his new cover art for Steven Spielberg’s first film.
May 17, 2021
Revisiting director Steven Spielberg’s JURASSIC PARK follow-up THE LOST WORLD: JURASSIC PARK with Jeff Goldblum and Julianne Moore.
March 5, 2021
Steven Spielberg and The Duffer Bros. are collaborating on an adaptation of THE TALISMAN by Stephen King and Peter Straub
February 2, 2021
Jaws and Close Encounters of the Third Kind director Steven Spielberg is now confident that movie theaters will return one day.
January 19, 2021
Director Ivan Reitman’s Ghostbusters contains one of Jaws and War of the Worlds director Steven Spielberg’s top ten scares of all-time.
November 24, 2020
Bruce the shark from Steven Spielberg’s Jaws is ready to terrorize The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures when it opens in April.
July 6, 2020
Like many of you out there, one of my favorite movies of all time is Steven Spielberg’s Jaws with Roy […]
June 29, 2020
On this day in horror history, Jaws and Close Encounters of the Third Kind director Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of author […]
June 20, 2020
On this day in horror history, Steven Spielberg’s Jaws with Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, and Richard Dreyfuss was released back […]