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July 11, 2019
Starring Kaya Scodelario, Barry Pepper, Ross Anderson Written by Michael Rasmussen, Shawn Rasmussen Directed by Alexandre Aja 2018’s The Meg […]
July 4, 2019
This week is all about Midsommar, but we’ll be ready for some serious disaster action when Alexandre Aja’s Crawl slithers […]
December 21, 2015
Back in October of this year, Gravitas Ventures released The Inhabitants (review) digitally on VOD outlets, and now the film […]
October 13, 2015
The Inhabitants, the latest film from the Rasmussen brothers, is available NOW from Gravitas Ventures, airing on multiple VOD platforms […]
October 12, 2015
Starring Elise Couture Stone, Michael Reed, India Pearl, Edmund Donovan, Erica Derrickson Written and directed by Michael and Shawn Rasmussen […]
October 8, 2015
Independent filmmakers Michael and Shawn Rasmussen, screenwriters of John Carpenter’s The Ward, along with their producing partner, international bestselling author […]
September 2, 2015
We’ve been following the progress of The Inhabitants, the latest film from the Rasmussen brothers, for a while now; and […]
May 26, 2015
It’s been awhile since we’ve mentioned the Rasmussen brothers’ The Inhabitants, their follow-up to Dark Feed and the John Carpenter-directed […]
April 21, 2013
Cover art: news/feb13/darkfeed.jpg Starring Andy Rudick, Victoria Nugent, Michael Reed, Curt Klump Directed by Michael Rasmussen and Shawn Rasmussen Distributed […]
Uncategorized March 25, 2013
Post Thumb: /jan13/darkfeeds.jpg Last week the directorial debut from Shawn and Michael Rasmussen – Dark Feed – arrived on DVD […]
Uncategorized January 11, 2013
Post Thumb: /jan13/inhabs.jpg Hot on the heels of yesterday’s announcement that Michael and Shawn Rasmussen’s Dark Feed had been picked […]
Uncategorized November 1, 2012
Post Thumb: /may12/darkfs.jpg You may have thought we were done for the day with distro news, but one more announcement […]