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August 1, 2022
Check out this exclusive trailer for 'Jack Frost', a killer new chiller from the producers behind 'Winnie the Pooh: Blood…
Jack Frost
January 19, 2022
Tyler Doupé reviews MVD Rewinds released of 'Jack Frost' and reflects on this campy, schlocky wintertime classic.
rare exports christmas horror
December 23, 2021
These are some of the scariest Christmas horror monsters we've ever seen on film. Did your favorite make the list?
December 16, 2021
With winter fast approaching and snow starts to fall, we take a look at the best icicle deaths found in…
December 21, 2020
These ten films fall under the so bad it's good heading but, somehow, we can't help but love each of…
January 3, 2020
Dominic Saxl is one of the directors and producers of DREAD’s upcoming horror anthology Deathcember! The topic of his Dread X…
December 22, 2017
Back in 1997, a direct-to-video Christmas-themed horror film by the name of Jack Frost hit shelves. If you haven’t seen…
December 15, 2017
Though Krampus and The Grinch usually get all the spooky holiday love, the team of Arthur Rankin, Jr., and Jules…
October 19, 2016
What a weird world we live in where the low budget direct-to-video 1997 serial killer snowman flick Jack Frost gets…